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Kettlebells with Pavel

December 30, 2008


Today, being an off day, during the time I would have worked out, I instead compiled my new 12 week plan. The first week (this one) is off. I’d wait to post these till next week, but I’m to damn excited!!!

Workout A and B: Start with ten minutes of face the wall squats, halo’s, and pumps.

Workout A continues with 12 min alternating swings and active recovery. It does not specify one or two arm swings, so I’ll start with two, see how my arms do, then move on to one arm swings. For active recovery I’ll probably do my “imaginary jump rope” or jog in place.

Workout B continues with 5 min of get ups alternating arms on each set.

So this will be weeks two and three.

Added to weeks 4, 5, and 6 will be 15 min practice of cleans, presses, and snatches between the first ten minutes and the divergence in workouts A and B.

Week 7 is an off week and then I’ll post the rest of the routine for weeks 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 later. See, I can practice restraint!

I’m soooo excited!!!! I’m like a kid in a toy store!!!

Through this all, I’ll be continuing with the push up program. It should end right before my next off week.

Goals will be posted soon for the upcoming year!

Also, tomorrow should start the next 21 day goal. However, since we are no longer weighing in at work on Wednesdays, I’m switching my start date to the start of “my” week, which is Monday. My next goal is adding something- so I’m adding veggies. It is my new 21 day goal to eat a minimum of one cup of veggies a day. I had contemplated saying a fruit or veggie before/with each meal, but then I’d just eat fruit and I get enough of that. I’ve got to focus on the veggies.

Chronicled- first 21 days, no fries; second 21 days, add 4 bottles of water; third 21 days, no soda.

Today being day 21 without soda is better than day 14! But still have cravings. I had a dream last night that it was day 20 (which it was) and that I had a glass of soda without anyone knowing, but in my dream, I knew it was day 20 and that I shouldn’t be doing it. I’m definitely not ready to add soda back in even if it is only during my 10%. So far, fried foods (not including donuts- those are going in the sugar category) and soda are banned. Small list so far. I’ve not had any real cravings for french fries though I did almost get an order of deep fried battered cheese curds a few days ago. It would have been within the 10% for the week, but I ended up saying no to myself after the dreadful Christmas week.

So, go do some push ups! hehe 🙂

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  1. ladlam permalink
    December 30, 2008 10:03 PM

    No soda? Jeeze that’s tough, I don’t think I could do it 😀

  2. December 31, 2008 6:37 AM

    I like how you have set up a plan. You’re doing an amazing job. Getting those veggies in will make a world of difference for you.

    Angela Ramos, RKC

  3. Alyce permalink
    December 31, 2008 8:00 AM

    Great plan! 🙂 It’s an awesome feeling having something new to start. Have fun adding veggies. I pretty much hated veggies before college, and I’m not sure what happened but I love them now. And there’s always veggie pizza if all else fails, I figure at least it’s got vegetables on it, right?

  4. Chris Brown permalink
    December 31, 2008 11:04 AM

    Great plan, good luck!!

    Also, eating veggies seems to be one of my dietary issues. I might start my own 21 day eat 1 cup of veggies routine.

  5. December 31, 2008 10:49 PM

    Ladlam- it has been a mix of easy and just plain hell! The second week was hardest. Now that I’m done with all three weeks, it’s getting easier.

    Thanks Angela for the comment! Nice blog :). Lots of info on your site. Sounds like the RKC certification is a tough one! And fun :).

    Alyce, you’re right about the pizza :). I seriously could eat pizza daily and never ever be bored of it. Ever.

    Chris, definitely try the 21 days. I’ve found 21 days to make a habit is much easier than 21 days to break a habit though. So that’s why I’ve decided to add in something to replace something before taking away the thing I’m trying to rid myself of (like water before soda).

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