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New Goals for a New Year

December 31, 2008

As everyone else is writing, so shall I… about my goals.

Before I tell you my goals, I highly suggest that you write down your goals on something you can carry with you. I use a notecard :-).

I also suggest that you ask yourself these two questions often:
“What did I do today/this week to work toward my goals?”
“Is what I’m doing right now helping me to reach my goals?”
The second one is particularly good for moments when you’re about to do something horrible to sabotage your progress towards your goals.

It’s great to have goals, but you also need a process to meet those goals. So maybe setting a dollar amount of each check aside for bills/savings or maybe all overtime $ towards something in particular. Breaking down the “I want to get buff” goals to a manageable plan. Each goal has to have a “how to” process or it’s not going to get done. Goals don’t just do themselves.

First, last years goals,
1-weigh less than 120. NOT MET
2-Start Ultrasound Degree MET
3-Debt Free- sort of met, because if we hadn’t bought our house and me started college, I would be. But now we’re not. We put the money that would have gone to our debt toward our down payment and fixing what was broken and buying a new car when mine died.
4-Build up savings accounts- MET
5-Consistently Clean House- Partially MET thanks to strategies developed from though I don’t actually follow flylady anymore. The routines I do, but the rest, like the reminders and stuff, I have my own system.

Five years ago I didn’t have any goals on a notecard. I didn’t start this till last year. So in four years, I’ll be able to tell you what the five years is.

I have five for both one year from now and five years from now.

One year:
1- Follow the three degrees of clean eating and the 90/10 rule
2- Decrease bodyfat percent to under 18%
3-increase my home organization (drawers, closets, basement, garage… the works 🙂 )
4-Complete my daughters room (painting, built in shelving, drywall closet opening)
5-Decrease debt by half (other than mortgage) and avoid student loans

Five years:
1- Continue on the 3 degrees and 90/10
2- complete five marathons or events like that
3- Move up in my career to management
4- Remodel upstairs bathrooms
5- Be debt free other than mortgage.

These are all on one notecard that will spend a year with me. I’ll be keeping my other notecard from last year handy as well since it has my five year goals from last year/ four years from now. One of my five year goals was to start the building process on our home, but we’re no longer planning to build so that goal is void. The rest were maintain weight under 120, finish all degree’s (business degree to follow ultrasound degree), remain debt free, have enough dough to start building process (which will now just be to have a big bank roll to do our many remodeling projects).

Happy New Year!!!

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  1. run4change permalink
    January 1, 2009 7:25 AM

    I read in one of your comments at mammawantsasixpack that you are skinny but still want to make good choices and be strong. Way to go. I have lost 130 lbs and have always been fat, but my wife is skinny. I often ask myself if it is genetics or what. I have figured, that even though it might be genetics, you still gotta maintain and live strong to stay skinny. I am skinny now, but I have to work at it. My wife has always made pretty ok choices, and when she doesn’t she eats a “normal” amount whereas I freaking go craaaaaaaaaaaazy on the food :).

  2. January 1, 2009 8:16 AM

    Great goals for the year! I just made mine as well. The notecard idea is a great idea! I hadn’t thought of that one. Hope you have a wonderful 2009!

  3. January 2, 2009 8:22 PM

    Run4 change, I definitely have a way to go though. Bodyfat % is high for my weight though my BMI is low for my weight. I’m what some trainers would call “skinny fat”.

    Hi Teresa! Definitely try out the notecard. Works wonderful! I also today broke my goals down into smaller steps :). I’m hoping that helps me get ALL 5 done FULLY rather than just closer!

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