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A Long Weekend

June 1, 2009

Over Friday to Sunday I worked 30 hours. Had a cookout. Spent a couple hours at Menards (like a Home Depot). Put together a ten foot by four foot square foot garden. Planted the garden. Had another workout at the park. Went out to dinner. Watched two movies. Oh, yes, and I showered at some point ;).

And it was a long weekend from posting. I had really anticipated getting on every day after work, but now right after work I water my wild flowers out front, garden out back, and feed my fish. It only takes 15 min but somehow when I’m done with that and then unloading my car, it’s already time for dinner. I promise to be better :).

There is currently not much exciting about my workout. Another trip to the park. Another ten times up the pole, then five on this chain thingey covered with rubber with a thing for your feet- sort of like a rock wall. Some jumping up to press over a bar about chest height and lower down ten times. Then climbing over a bar about hip height five times. Attempted reverse crunches but they hurt my legs to darn bad this time. I need to bring some cushion for behind my knees. I’ll bring a towel with me next time. I already look like a crazy lady anyway. May as well add a towel. Then I noticed the little little kid area had a great 12-14 inch high step I could jump on and off of. Fifteen of those…

Lastly, those damn monkey bars! I conquered three rungs on that thing! THREE RUNGS!!! Before I fell to the ground (okay, all I had to do was straighten my legs).

Overall it was a great weekend and I was online here and there- I was just studying square foot gardening. I plan to plant quite a few things next summer and want to know what I’m doing by then.

How I feel about last week- I cheated a little more than I’d like to have cheated with my meals, but overall not terrible. I would have liked to workout other than at the park but as long as I get my three minimum I’m happy enough. I’m disappointed that I didn’t work more hours at work.

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