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5:16 PM, Wednesday

So, I'm tired.

Sleep is Important

June 2, 2009


So many of us have so many things to do.

With so much to do, what is the first thing people usually skip? Well, for me it would be getting my full eight hours. I know that I am a person who needs eight hours. Sometimes even nine. Yet when I get busy you’ll find me going to bed around 11pm or 12am only to have to get up at 5:45 or 6am. Sometimes my lack of sleep isn’t a huge deal. When life is relatively simple and there are no big stressors, 6.5 to 7 hours four or five nights a week isn’t something that affects me much. When my life is hectic, the lack of sleep affects me much more. Such as now. Today I’m tired, a little cranky, and a lot lazy. My eyes even feel burning because they have this burning desire to close and SLEEP!

Lack of sleep can cause people to overeat. I do that quite a bit when I’m tired. Lack of sleep can cause decreased motivation. I’m a great example of that- no workout tonight even though my scheduled time is 40 min from now. I already know that I’m not going to go out and run and head to the park to do my workout. Lack of sleep can cause depression and anxiety issues. Well, there I’m alright anyway.

This is also a bit cyclical for me. I don’t get enough sleep so the next day I’m tired and lazy. Then I have things to do that need to get done. I’m lazy, don’t want to do them. But since I have to, it just takes me much longer to do them with my frequent “breaks”. I get distracted more often and find myself doing things that I don’t need to be doing or that I wasn’t planning to do. Then by the end of the night, I still haven’t really sat and relaxed so I’ll watch a movie or do something else equally as stupid and meaningless. Then, shower and get ready for bed and it’s already two hours past my bedtime.

Last night my plan was to get home, go to the store, and make our lunches for the week. I did those things and was done at the reasonable time of 9pm. Then I watched a movie. I should have been in bed by 10. Instead with the movie and still needing to shower and stuff, it was a tad after 11. Just me being stupid about my priorities. Well, I’m going to stop whining here and make it a priority to get some sleep tonight.

Goodnight everyone (in a few hours).


A Long Weekend

June 1, 2009

Over Friday to Sunday I worked 30 hours. Had a cookout. Spent a couple hours at Menards (like a Home Depot). Put together a ten foot by four foot square foot garden. Planted the garden. Had another workout at the park. Went out to dinner. Watched two movies. Oh, yes, and I showered at some point ;).

And it was a long weekend from posting. I had really anticipated getting on every day after work, but now right after work I water my wild flowers out front, garden out back, and feed my fish. It only takes 15 min but somehow when I’m done with that and then unloading my car, it’s already time for dinner. I promise to be better :).

There is currently not much exciting about my workout. Another trip to the park. Another ten times up the pole, then five on this chain thingey covered with rubber with a thing for your feet- sort of like a rock wall. Some jumping up to press over a bar about chest height and lower down ten times. Then climbing over a bar about hip height five times. Attempted reverse crunches but they hurt my legs to darn bad this time. I need to bring some cushion for behind my knees. I’ll bring a towel with me next time. I already look like a crazy lady anyway. May as well add a towel. Then I noticed the little little kid area had a great 12-14 inch high step I could jump on and off of. Fifteen of those…

Lastly, those damn monkey bars! I conquered three rungs on that thing! THREE RUNGS!!! Before I fell to the ground (okay, all I had to do was straighten my legs).

Overall it was a great weekend and I was online here and there- I was just studying square foot gardening. I plan to plant quite a few things next summer and want to know what I’m doing by then.

How I feel about last week- I cheated a little more than I’d like to have cheated with my meals, but overall not terrible. I would have liked to workout other than at the park but as long as I get my three minimum I’m happy enough. I’m disappointed that I didn’t work more hours at work.

Last Night

May 28, 2009

Yesterday was a lazy night. I went to bed at 9:15. In good news, I shaved my legs! They were starting to look like a thousand year old redwood forest. It was quite pitiful. I’m taking yet another night off to have a date night with my hubby. I’ll be heading to the park with my daughter tomorrow and either Saturday or Sunday to get in three times this week. Probably on Sunday though. Anyway, I’m off to cook supper. I hope we can eat it when I’m through with it.

Went to the Park

May 27, 2009

So, I made it to the park Wendesday. I didn’t manage to run the whole way. I felt fine, could have run two or three miles the way I was feeling. Then half a mile in, sharp stabbing pain on the outside of my ankle. So I walked a block, tried running again, and sharp stabbing pain returns. So, I walked the rest of the way.

Once at the park I figured I’d skip jumping onto anything (you know, ankle pain). So, I climbed the pole a total of 15 times. The chest high bar, I lifted myself up onto until my arms were straight (mostly using momentum to get up there). Jumping up actually, it wasn’t the jumping that hurt, it’s the landing so jumping up that high was fine. I did that fifteen times as well. Then I hung upside down on the monkey bars hooking my legs so that I could do inverted sit ups. Fifteen of those. I did them pretty much five at a time (hehe, if you can call it that). By five at a time what I was really doing was doing each thing five times before moving on. Each time I’d climb that damn pole I’d have to walk around the equipment a few times to be able to try again. It was much MUCH harder than I thought it would be.

No workout yesterday, my friend had an Arbonne party so I went to that and didn’t get home till nearly 11pm. Tonight it’s raining and I might just sit on the couch watching movies. Haven’t decided yet. I’ll be having my own arbonne party in September so if any of you guys want to come from across the country, I’ve got a spare room ;).

Happy Memorial Day!

May 25, 2009

So, tonight, I start my new plan. I’ve decided to just wing it. I have no idea what type of equipment they have at the park. I’m hoping for a pole to climb and I’m certain they’ll have monkey bars. I plan to spend about a half hour there and I’ll report back tomorrow with results. I also plan to run to the park. It’s about 3/4 of a mile one way and 1/4 of a mile the other. I’ll take the 3/4 of a mile route to the park and walk the quarter mile back home when I’m done.

AND other life changes. I plan to not use my computer after my workout. So, once 7 pm rolls around and I go for my workout, my computer time is also over. I feel that I fall asleep better if I’m not on my computer before bed. So, goodbye nighttime computer use. I’ll miss you.

Today was a pretty good day at work. I worked about 8 hours at time and a half. I know my boss didn’t want me to work quite THAT long, but it’s better than the 10 hour day I thought I’d be doing. One patient I couldn’t see yet because we don’t have authorization and another I couldn’t see because the family declined therapy for a patient who has a POA in place. Still, long enough of a day. Then I came home and weeded the area around my fence where I have some random stuff growing, mostly hosta’s.

I hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day!

Starting Early

May 22, 2009

This past week with all the processed food has been wonderful and awful. Wonderful because I love the taste of all that processed crap (aka dog food on this blog). But as of yesterday, the headaches started. I’ve popped a ton of asprin between yesterday and today and I think I know why- the over abundance of chemicals in ALL processed foods. Yes, even your cereal is processed and loaded with chemicals.

With all the negative side effects- not just headaches, but fatigue and general malaise- I’ve decided that I’m starting to eat healthy again two days early. So tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll be back to eating my non-processed foods. The week will of course allow for my two cheat meals which will most likely be Tuesday night and one of the weekend days- probably next Friday.

I know usually after a week like this where I switch back to healthy food I do actually get sick. I think it’s just a flushing of all the crap from my system so hopefully it won’t be so severe as times in the past where I’ve cut junk out of my eating habits. It certainly has been a better week than other times I’ve done this.

At the beginning of this week I was 122.5. Over the past four weeks I’ve been between 122.5 and 124.5 lbs. This AM I was 125.5 so this week hasn’t set be back to far. I’m glad for that because I was a tad worried when I was scarfing down some of the things I’ve eating this past week (like that pan of brownies).

The food plan begins again tomorrow but the workout plan begins on Monday so I’ll be adding my workouts soon!

See ya’ll tomorrow night!

The Plan

May 20, 2009
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This week the plan is to just gorge myself on bad foods and catch up on housework, laundry, and SLEEP!

That will all change next week. This week I’m continuing with my very healthy lunches and those will go on and on forever. I’m getting in a salad a day five days per week at a minimum like I wanted, fruits and veggies, and for the past few weeks no rice, breads, or pasta except during one of my two cheat meals per week. I have been dipping my strawberries in sugar but I am trying to cut down on the sugar I use with them. This week I’ve had Culvers Monday night, pancakes and hashbrowns tuesday night, and tonight was pizza. Tomorrow is the tupperware party so I’m sure there will be snacks.

Next week I’ll be back on track with my two cheat meals per week and I’m going to get back to my workouts next week. Next week actually starts my bodyweight summer workouts. June, July, and August were to be bodyweight. Three nights per week (since for some reason 7pm is my best workout time). I’m planning to do at LEAST one workout per week at the park. I don’t have plyo boxes or a rope to climb so hopefully I’ll find something sufficient at the park. Plus my daughter will have fun at the park. Maybe she’ll like me better if I take her to the park more often… bribery you know. Since I’m hoping for five workouts per week, I’d like two of them to be weight lifting- Pavel suggests the side press and deadlifts. And that is actually all I plan to do with real weights. I’m going to be a bit non- commital about them and not worry about reps, weight, or really anything other than going to the basement and picking something up at least once when I do go down there.

My focus with the bodyweight exercises is first to be able to actually move my body through space without help. Think of those monkey bars… can you go all the way across? I don’t know if I can. That and pull ups and single leg squats. So basically, strength to move myself by myself. Last time I did a single leg squat, I needed a strap to help me. By summers end, I’d like to be able to do that by myself. No help. My second thing to focus on is power. I was thinking agility for awhile, but really, I’m thinking power would be better for now since that is where I am lacking more so than agility. Lots of jumping this summer even if I do have to bring out my coffee table to jump up to.

Of course summer also has nice extra’s. Swimming in our pool, running, and going for bike rides with Josh. I usually gain weight during summer and loose during winter so I’d like to break that trend.

So that’s the plan :). What are all of you up to for the summer?