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Fitness- It’s Not a Straight Line

April 15, 2009

This post is inspired by Jon at Storm Force Fitness. I get his emails occasionally. This one hit home, it was about fitness, health, losing weight, gaining muscle not being a easy linear point A to point B kind of thing. It’s about peaks and valleys. Mountains and oceans…

I lose a lot of steam when I’m expecting particular results each and every week and don’t see them. I get frustrated and wonder sometimes, why the heck am I doing this? Sometimes I even gain a pound or two and get really pissed at myself. But getting healthy is not a tightrope walk. It’s more like a hike. A tightrope walk, although difficult, is very straight forward. You get on, you walk across. Each step brings you closer and closer to your goal. Each step is going to be very focused (you don’t want to fall) and deliberate. Each step brings you and equal distance closer to your goal. A hike is different. When going downhill, we’re going to go faster. Sort of like some weeks we’re moving faster towards our goal. Or it might seem that heading toward our goal is easier than other time. Other weeks are like those uphill climbs when hiking. Each step is a struggle and it takes determination and fortitude to get to the top. Reaching our goal is a battle and very difficult at times. Sometimes we might have to stop and catch our breath going up that hill. Sometimes we might be going to fast going down the hill and might tumble.

I need to stop thinking of getting fit as a week by week or day by day process. It’s not. Sometimes are really going to be difficult (like my motivation right now) and other times will breeze by (like the months of Jan and Feb). Sometimes it’s going to be hard to stick to an eating plan. Other times it’ll be a breeze- like walking down that hill. Even other times will be like tripping over my shoelaces going downhill and I might tumble and bumble and fall on my… I might even fall into a donut and a big glass of pepsi. But those times are not the focus. Those falls and rests to catch my breath don’t have to be the end. They are what they are. It’s not what I did (the poor nutrition or missed workout) it’s what the overall pattern is. My overall pattern has been poor this past month and I’m having trouble getting back on track but that’s for another post… The most important thing is that these bad times dont kill us and they don’t define us. I’m not defined by the pizza my hubby just ordered that is at our door right now as I type. I’m not defined by the fact that I’ll have a couple pieces of it. My dieting life is defined by the overall choices I make- which will not be daily pizza.

So, don’t worry so much about what happened yesterday. It’s not going to change. It might suck and might have consequences, but tomorrow can always be a better day if we choose that.

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  1. Tim permalink
    April 15, 2009 7:57 PM

    You’re words here are true on so many levels… For me, I am trying to keep myself on a budget. There are times when I can enter Shopko buying only things I need, but then there are times when I buy extra items (i.e. a DVD)… As long as I space out these urges to shop, it really isn’t that bad…

    Just remember to try to get back on the horse. I know you can do it… 😛

    • April 25, 2009 3:22 PM

      Yes, this definitely could relate to my financial life as well. Hope you’re doing alright! Still crazy here.

  2. RobFitness permalink
    April 16, 2009 8:28 AM

    Yes, you can do it. It is hard at times getting back on the horse and I have that feeling a lot lately as well. I just need to be more focused on what on want out of life and work harder to achieve it. In the long run it is work the added effort. We are human, we makes mistakes. It’s like you said the positive decision and the steps we take to live life to the fullest and healthiest that helps define us. At least that is my take on it and I am sticking to it. 🙂

    • April 25, 2009 3:23 PM

      It IS hard right now! With classes nearing the end and all this extra work to finish it all on time… it’s been crazy. I’m doing my best to stick to my nutrition while school runs it’s course. I might be too tired to work out (or have any other number of excuses) but we all have to eat whether we have time or not. So, may as well make healthy choices :).

  3. April 16, 2009 10:25 AM

    Our culture raises us to believe that there is some end-point, destination, or culminating moment in our activities and in our lives. In a way, it’s a result of our ability as humans to remember the past so well, and create/imagine possible futures. But it isn’t real.

    The present moment is the only reality, and the journey itself is the destination. I think you’re right on track. Don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow – focus on what you can do right now to make the continually unfolding present moment the best one it can be.

    • April 25, 2009 3:25 PM

      I love imagining those possible futures though :). I tend to be more of a future dweller I think than a past dweller. I love planning for tomorrow, but sometimes I do forget about today- the right now. Sometimes I need a nudge to remember where my focus needs to be.

  4. April 17, 2009 12:21 PM

    Can relate to that one. In fact, I could have wrote a lot of that right down to the hubby ordering the pizza. You just gotta plug along through the hard days and coast through the easy ones. Hope today is an easy one for you.

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