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Missing a Workout (or two or three)

March 19, 2009

This was a post from a day or two ago (the 18th) but for some reason it saved as a draft rather than publishing. Operator error I’m sure! So here it is…

I’ve been talking alot about nutrition lately. It’s just what has been interesting me lately. Don’t think I’m not working out, cuz I am! Mostly… I did miss a couple days though with the four exams in less than seven days for classes. My husband and I will make up for it with some pretty evil variety days next week :). We’ll be sorry.

I’ve been a tad lazy, like Monday night, I really could have done my workout but I used my exam as an excuse. I need to get off my rear and get moving again. Sunday and Tuesday were variety days and both were missed with a valid reason at least. Tonight, medium night with the bell. I’m almost tempted to make it a heavy night because I’ve had a few days of “recovery” hehe ;). From now on, I think I’ll just call missed days extra “recovery” days. Then I don’t feel so much like I’m falling off the wagon. I think I’m stealing that from Chris’ blog, but it could be from Josh. Both of them have awesome, and very informative, blogs. They’re on the left. There’s a ton of blogs over there that I love to read at. Go click all of them for fun :). Just don’t get stuck too long reading! It’s easy to fall into a blog and not return for some time. Sort of like time travel in small spurts. I love reading about Rob’s days and his workouts as well. He’s an amazing guy!

Anyway, even with all this talk about nutrition lately, exercise and fitness IS still important even if it’s only small bursts.

To prove it, hold me accountable. The weather is warm. I should start running in the morning 3-5 days per week. I’m going to make it my plan to run tomorrow morning. If you stop by tomorrow, please ask me if I went running for a mile!

Thank you all for your support and for reading my random thoughts 😀

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