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Do You Need Fat to Absorb Nutrients?

March 17, 2009

Here’s the deal, some nutrients are fat soluble. Those nutrients need fat in order to be processed by the body. Some “experts” recommended that we eat a fatty food with our veggies in order to get the most from those nutrients.

This recommendation (and the proceeding articles in womens mags) appear to stem from a 2004 study involving SEVEN people. Yes, seven.

But don’t worry, a 2005 study involving about double that number proves that the first study was bogus and that the nutrient absorbtion differences between no added fat with veggies and added fat is negligable.

Upon a tad further research on the fat and nutrient absorbtion studies, it appears that the fat does help with nutrient absorbtion from PROCESSED foods where nutrients are added. These processed foods are crap and can’t even allow you to get the nutrients from them unless you go through hoops to get it. So, put some fat on your cereal. A pat of butter should do… Okay, seriously, don’t put butter on your cereal that’s just gross. In fact, don’t eat cereal at all. It’s just fake food anyway. Pretty disgusting that what you’re really eating is tasty dog food, isn’t it. It’s processed just like dog food. It’s got added nutrients just like dog food. Enjoy your dog food :).

Feeling a tad sarcastic today. Long day yet again.

With all this added fat to help absorb nutrients, you might just wonder why I’m saying the claim is bogus. It’s because foods with little to no fat (like fruits and veggies) DO NOT contain nutrients that are only fat soluable except in very small amounts and the minimal amounts of fat hanging out in your colon will likely take care of any of those small amounts. If not, the amount of nutrients you’re missing is nearly nihl.

Don’t put a ton of faith in these studies that have nearly no scientific method to them. Seven people (or a tad under 20 for the second study in 2005) is not enough to make any real determination of the findings. Consider these findings to be worthless and don’t let them alter your eating of healthy natural (genetically enhanced) foods. Okay, I could have left out the genetically enhanced but good luck finding apples that aren’t unless you’re lucky enough to live in an area that has a high emphasis on organic foods.

The moral of this story, eat natural foods and you won’t have to use unnatural ways to get your nutrients from them. Eat the food designed by nature to give you the nutrients you need rather than the equivalent of dog food so many people rely on in the mornings.

Happy Eating :).

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