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Evil Kettlebell Workouts…

March 6, 2009

Tonight was Heavy Night as per Enter the Kettlebell by Pavel T.


I did it!!! Five ladders, FIVE RUNGS!!! All with the assasin. Last time I couldn’t finish with the assasin and dropped down to the Princess for the last one or two ladders. I forget if it was one or both of those last. The ladders also include pull ups or pull downs. Tonight I did all pull downs. I think on all heavy nights I’ll be doing just pull downs so I can really focus on the presses on these heavy nights. The assassin is my 12 kg bell.

Then of course, after presses and pull downs comes the swings. Josh and I both pulled a deuce :). We were SOOO relieved! That adds up to a whole four minutes of as many swings as humanly possible. I hit slightly over 70 in those four minutes with the 35 lb/16kg kettlebell. I think that’s pretty awesome.

The next part of last nights post will be next week sometime.

In other worldly events I have work both days this weekend. I’m not particularly looking forward to that but that will mean only classes next Saturday and no work. It’ll be nice :). My house is also a mess. There is cat hair on the stairs again and I threw a bit of a fit last weekend when I swept and washed them by hand that NO ONE in my house besides me is apparently able to actually see cat hair. I think it is really just invisible to everyone else. It drives me nuts to have hair in the corners of the rooms (hardwood floors) and all over our steps. I don’t think we’ll get any more cats ever because I hate sweeping the stairs. I think if I saved all the cat hair for one year I’d have enough hair to fill an entire matress. Though, I would never sleep on such a matress.

Josh is also on vacation these past three days.

Karma is hopefully doing her homework on time. No emails this week from her teacher. I get pretty frustrated having emails from her teacher yet again saying Karma didn’t hand something in or is FIVE days late on a project. It really irks me! I never did stuff like that in school. I guess I kind of WANTED to do good! Crazy, I know. Tonight she’s at a sleepover at the neighbors. If the homework doesn’t improve, there will be groundings and not being able to go to the neighbors or have her here if that continues. One weekend at a time- if the homework isn’t all in on time one week, then that weekend she’s grounded. I’ll be discussing that with her tomorrow. I was going to tonight, but then they asked if she could come over. Since we didn’t talk about that consequence before, it obviously is not currently in effect.

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  1. Alyce permalink
    March 7, 2009 2:29 PM

    Glad to see you’re still doing the Kettlebell workouts, it’s been a while since you started that huh? Are you seeing good results?

    The weekend-at-a-time grounding thing sounds like a really reasonable way to handle the homework problem, way better than a you’re-grounded-for-life approach. Good luck with that!

  2. jleeger permalink
    March 8, 2009 10:44 PM


  3. ladlam permalink
    March 9, 2009 9:33 PM

    Nice work Michelle!
    Pavel says you need to increase the weight now!

    • March 10, 2009 5:33 PM

      Luke, I did! I tried the 35 for my easy night yesterday and was able to do three rungs the first two ladders and then had to bump down to two rungs for the last three ladders. I think I’ll stick with three rungs for medium and hard and just pump it out for heavy and then on medium night I’ll just go down to two rungs the last three (like I did for easy) and stick to two rungs next time for easy. Three rungs was NO WHERE NEAR EASY!!!!! I was a tad overzealous :).

      • ladlam permalink
        March 10, 2009 6:17 PM

        Haha I’ll bet, apart from the initial “yes I can lift more!” feeling, going up a weight sucks. You’re making good progress though! I think it could be a while till I move up to a 44lbs’er.

        • March 10, 2009 6:44 PM

          Hehe, I might beat you to that 44lb bell :). Then I’ll be able to officially claim the numero uno spot!!!

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