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New 21 Day Goals

February 16, 2009

Well, it’s Monday. I’ve had six weeks now. Two sets of three weeks. Total of fifteen goals. Did I reach them? Lets take a peek :).

First three weeks:
-veggie a day *mostly met*
-ten minutes of activity in the morning *mostly not*
-desk organized *met*
-hang planets *met*
-check phone bill *met after ongoing process because ATT sucks*

Second three weeks
-no candy, candybars, or chocolate *met*
-tape Karma’s room and buy paint *work in progress- taking much longer than I thought*
-increase push up ability *better, but not where I’d hoped I’d be*
-cancel cable *met*
-organize holiday stuff *met*

So, overall I’m doing well.

This upcoming three weeks what will I be doing?
1) Salad a day
2) increase pull up ability
3) organize scrap book room
4) figure out gas fill ups per month (already done 😉 )
5) continue taping, but painting this three weeks was the goal.

I don’t feel nearly as exhausted this week and I might try some running in the AM’s if it warms up or I can head into work early and ride the bike for ten minutes. I wish they had a treadmill. The morning ten was supposed to be a habit to keep. The push ups were a three week thing as the pull ups are. But those ten minutes… they were supposed to stick with me.

I passed both exams today. One I got an A with some wiggle room. The physics one I barely passed. I knew the concepts, just couldn’t keep the terms straight. And I didn’t memorize the formula’s and we weren’t allowed to bring a cheat sheet of the equations in with us. So alas, only 87 percent. I think that barely manages to be a B. And yes, I consider 87 percent barely passing even if it is a B.

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  1. robfitness permalink
    February 17, 2009 9:54 AM

    Yes, you are doing exceptionally well on all your goals. i myself HATE painting. Oh look my “H” works 🙂 so that wouldn’t ever be on my list to begin with. Hiring a painter would be 🙂
    You are quite hard on yourself, aren’t you a 87% in my book is excellent. I wish I got those kinds of grades when i was in school. great job in passing the exams though. I bet that’s a bit of a relieve because I bet you worried about it a lot. Again that’s what i did back then as well.
    It looks like your next goals are very realistic and all achievable so good luck with them as well. By the way if you ever need to get rid of that massage chair I know a guy in Las Vegas that could use one 🙂
    How’s the KB workouts coming a long? I think I’ll soon be buying a heavier one. Now I have to think of another name. So have you decided on all your names for yours as well?

  2. ladlam permalink
    February 17, 2009 4:15 PM

    Hey looks like you’re doing pretty well on your goals there Michelle, and congrats on the exam results!
    On the subject of pullups, Pavel’s weekly newsletter suggested that doing heavy presses would greatly improve your pull up ability!
    You do have to concentrate a lot more on your lats though, consciously squeezing and pulling down with them as you lower the kettlebell. Might be easier than struggling on the bar though!

  3. February 17, 2009 8:06 PM

    I love painting! And I’m glad my h is working well :). I think it was a loose chip or pretzel crumb after all. I shook it upside down but nothing fell out so maybe it just wiggled somewhere that it doesn’t interfere.
    I just thought I’d do better on that one than I did. I understood the material well and felt comfortable with it but then when I went to the test, I blanked out and forgot ALL the forumlas!
    I know a girl in WI who could do without snow ;). Got room for the family? I’ll bring my chair along :).
    I don’t have them all named, just princess sophi so far. The big one is definitely dutchess but no name yet to go with dutchess and the middle one still completely undecided. I have started part two and I’ll be getting an email to you probably tomorrow night! Yay!!! I’m on schedule sort of :).

    Thanks Luke. You get the newsletter? Okay, you’re more crazy than me ;). I did read that in one of his books as well but there are pull ups in this routine if you choose to add them in. I’m going to go ahead and add them in. I’ll struggle till I can do seven in a row again like I could three years ago… oh the good ole days when I was young!

  4. ladlam permalink
    February 18, 2009 3:38 AM

    Haha I do get the newsletter, I got subscribed automatically because I bought the book in PDF form… There’s not much in it to be honest, just propaganda for the RKC mostly.
    Nothing’s better than just doing the exercise I guess! I could barely do 2 pull ups when I started, it didn’t take long to get up to 10 and then to 15, especially doing negatives.

  5. February 18, 2009 4:30 PM

    Well, if there is ever anything interesting, post about it :). I get one’s from turbulence training and other random places as well. Usually it’s them trying to sell, but every once in a while there’s useful info in them.

  6. jleeger permalink
    February 22, 2009 12:26 PM

    Hey Michelle, you could do somersaults for 10 minutes every morning. That’d be fun. Or tumbling in general. Or 5 minute burpees and somersaults…or or or!!!

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