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My Day at Work

February 15, 2009

So, today I was asked to go to work in Manitowoc- it’s about 45 min away from where I live. It’s one of our buildings in a different city. I get paid to drive there, so no big deal about driving.

The only issue was that I didn’t really want to work today and got suckered into it because they asked me more than once. Yes, my co-workers know, if they ask me twice I’ll say yes even if I said no the first time.

I get down to the other building. Oh, and on days like today (weekends or holidays) often there is only one person there filling in. That would be me by my lonesome. No issues there, I’m a pretty independent worker and don’t need anyone there.

The issue comes when I go to a whole different building and there are no keys anywhere to get into the therapy department! Seriously, the nursing staff had no key. The housekeeping staff had no key.

I start making calls after ten minues of hunting down nurses and housekeepers. I call the two who’s cell numbers I have. Voicemail only… I ask the nurses if they have any therapy numbers. Why, they do!!! But alas, the numbers are all so damn old they’re disconnected. Yes, three of the people (of five) that I called had disconnected numbers. One also voicemail, the other was a weekend girl who only works once every three months or so but was able to give me numbers for two of the girls. I call the first home and cell- voicemail for both. Call the other- her husband anwers and gives me her cell- she’s not home. I call the cell. Voicemail! I remember that the aide that works in my building fills in sometimes for manitowoc as well, I call her. She has the number for another lady there. She calls the other lady for me, and guess what? Disconnected. But she has a cell and that goes through… to voicemail.

So in all, I spent 45 min there looking for a key or someone to bring me a key.

I get in my car and drive off. 10 miles later (or fifteen minues later) my phone rings. Someone calling me back!!! Here I was thinking *#*! it and thinking I’d just take the day off then. But nope, I get the call and they have a key on a door in the basement in a key-lock box. All this time there was a key in a box on a door and no one knew it.

So I went back. Got as much done as I could. I missed a total of four people today- I usually NEVER miss people, but today I did. I had to be out by 2pm at the latest because I had to be back home to get my time in at the lab for school.

I am really not going next week. I mean it. So don’t ask me twice…

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  1. ladlam permalink
    February 15, 2009 8:17 PM

    Wow, I would have kept driving personally! No need to put up with that crap when you’re trying to do someone a favor!
    How much time did you end up wasting with all those phone calls?

    • February 15, 2009 8:50 PM

      I spent 45 min in the building attempting to get keys, 15 min driving away, and 15 min driving back. In total, one hour and fifteen minutes wasted.

      In total I billed them for seven hours, two as drive time (there and back plus the half hour leaving and coming back) and the 45 sitting and making calls. Usually in a seven hour day of bill, I’m there for 5.5 hours. Today I was only there for 4.25 to do actual work. Then mileage- 100 miles instead of 80. Not horrible, but really, I could have been seeing patients in that time instead if they’d done their part!

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