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Cheap Kettlebells and Calluses

January 27, 2009

So, today, another kettlebell day. We did our ten minutes of warm up. I alternated my push ups since I’m behind on the 100 pushup program and wall squats. I skipped halo’s today.
Then we did 15 min of practice of cleans, high pulls (I’m not getting these very well), and clean’n’presses.
After all that, 12 min of swings. I don’t know how many I got, just know it wasn’t 250! I was hoping to make a new personal record and then when I was done, I didn’t even add them up.

I have a few calluses that are very fun to rub against each other. Rubbing my hands together sounds like sandpaper. I’ve been using the pumice but still managed to get a blister under a callus (how did I manage that?!?) not this time but last time. It didn’t redevelop this time so I’m happy. I was trying to avoid that particular callus with the swings, cleans, and pulls.

Classes- two quizzes tomorrow. I’m taking a fiver from studying and then heading to bed. I’ve got to get up at 5 am- 7 hours from now. So, by the time I actually hit the pillow hopefully I’ll get 6.5 hours of sleep. Not my usual 8, but I suppose one day wont kill me. Plan is to work from 6 am to 8:30am. Class from 9-noon. Work from noonthirty to 1:30 to see one patient for therapy. Then back to class from 2-5. After 5p I’m heading to the lab to do some scanning till hopefully about nine pm. Then I’ll come home and go to bed. Somewhere in there I’ll attempt to eat.

Well, I’m in for another rough day so see you all next time! And I promise I’ll catch up with everyone soon on your blogs!

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  1. ladlam permalink
    January 27, 2009 10:13 PM

    Haha I’d be pretty darned impressed if you set a record for your swings after all those cleans and high pulls Michelle! I think you need to be pretty fresh to do huge numbers with swings…
    I’ve taken to using some quality weight-lifters gloves to avoid ripping up calluses and they work a treat, but I don’t think you’re allowed to use them in the RKC so I guess you’re better off training without them…
    Good luck with the tests!

  2. robfitness permalink
    January 28, 2009 10:03 AM

    Yes, Good luck with all your studies. How you do it all amazes me. I guess with all the planning you do that’s what really makes it all happen and gives you the success you need. I am also so impressed with your workouts as well. If I had your schedule I think I would have been slacking a lot more.
    Keep up the great work and get that rest. Without it you’ll be a mess 🙂
    Till later my friend…

  3. robfitness permalink
    January 28, 2009 10:06 AM

    By the way (((HUGS))) back to you as well.

  4. January 29, 2009 6:00 AM

    Luke, definitely no record breaking is coming anytime soon. If I get done early enough at work, I’m getting that 35’er. I have some good fingerless gloves but I’m trying to avoid wearing them. So far, just the one blister. A big tender last night- did my work out when I got home from class at 10pm. LONG day.

    Thanks Rob :). I got my workout in yesterday at 10 even though I was up at 5 am! I was tired but wanted to do it. It was a scheduled off day but Josh and I took Monday off becuase he was sick. Then I didn’t get home in time to do it with him yesterday. And thank you :).

  5. robfitness permalink
    January 30, 2009 12:34 PM

    Glad that your getting your workout in. As you know they are important to to a balanced life. Yes, I am a convert! I’ll be getting my first Kettle bell on Tuesday. God, why I am doing this? Do I want to be in the pain that you and Luke go through? 🙂 Maybe your craziness is starting to rub off on me. 🙂
    The buoy has been helping me out quite a bit and I am sure your daughter will do well with it too.
    Today is my day of rest! 🙂 My eating is back on track as well and thanks to everyone here I was able to bounce back quicker.
    Hope you are doing well with all that you have going on. How is school? Are you getting enough sleep as well. You know that’s quite important too.
    Got to run and talk to Luke about his workout. Boy have I have something planned for him! 🙂

    • January 30, 2009 3:27 PM

      Something cruel and unusual I hope for Luke’s workout? If you can, invest in Enter the Kettlebell. It’s a very basic program that will KICK YOUR @$$. Seriously… my traps are crying right now! I’m loving the high pulls with the 26lb bell.

      We all slip sometimes and I’m glad that you got back on track quickly.

  6. February 2, 2009 10:27 PM

    I’ve recently joined the kettlebell world. As my kettlebell instructor friend says, “Don’t fear the bell!” I’m new to it, so I’m just learning how to pick it up properly and how to hold it properly. Crazy stuff! Renegade rows will be the end of me…

  7. February 2, 2009 10:29 PM

    Oh, btw, I’m one of those wussy people who uses the gloves. Well, at home at least. I don’t use them in the gym. I’d feel like a poser. 🙂 When I’m lifting heavy, I don’t like the pain from the callus formation to get in the way. Although calluses are kinda cool. Battle scars, baby! 😛

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