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Success Leads To Success

January 15, 2009

We all hear to Dream Big, right? Well, what if when you dream big you get a big failure? Failure begets failure and then more things go wrong. And you’re left in the dark wondering WTF? Well, big dreams are wonderful. They really are so I’m not saying to not dream big. I’m saying don’t set yourself up to fail.

A big goal can be a success or a failure. How you go about that goal is what determines which one you get. Well, how you go about it and sometimes good luck.

If you break down those huge dreams into small steps it’s easier. Why? Because when you succeed at the small step you’re motivated to move on to the next step. Each step of success leads to increased motivation, desire, and joy in working toward your goal. Then, when you hit a failure, it’s so much easier to jump back on seeing how close you’ve worked toward your dream.

Unless you’re really really lucky, every big dream is going to have some moments of failure. A failure is not a bad thing. A failure just means try again- possibly in a new and different way. Insanity you know, it’s just a step away, so don’t repeat the same thing over and over… Take stock and access what went wrong so next time you wont hit the road block. You’ve probably learned something with each success and with each failure. With any large goal, the plan is to have more success than failure.

When you get to the end of the line, it’s not going to matter how many times you failed, it’s going to matter that you got there.

If your big dream involves other people, be understanding that they might not share in your big dream.

Today for me started with a failure. I didn’t do my AM ten minutes of torture because I kept waking up last night with horrible shoulder pain. I took two advil at 4:30 this morning hoping I could at least stay asleep then till 6 am. When my alarm went off I was still in pain and very exhausted so I didn’t get up. I stayed in bed till absolutely necessary. Then I didn’t do my routine upon getting home. Why? Because I already felt like I failed the day by not starting it out right. So instead I made two pans of rice crispies. Ate half a pan…
More advil at 8:30, more at 12:30 and stopped then because when we got to kettlebells I figured I needed to feel if I was hurting myself or not.
If it wasn’t for hubby I probably would have wallowed in self pity consuming more rice crispies but he kind of got my butt in gear to head to the basement.
I used Josh’s bell for the swings- 26 (edit- lbs, not kg! Sorry guys!). I made 155 in ten minutes. 190 in 11 min, and the last min I tried to do hand to hand for the full minute but ran out of steam about 35 seconds into hand to hand. Didn’t count those just tried to hold on for dear life.

Now, going to finish my bedtime routine so hopefully I can feel like I did something right today and to get out of this downward spiral before I end up spending a week on the couch wondering why I feel like crap.

I may have failed today, but I am going to get there.

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  1. ladlam permalink
    January 15, 2009 8:51 PM

    Great post Michelle. Very good advice and insight there.
    Shame about your shoulder, do you know what’s causing it?
    190 swings at 24kg? That’s awesome! Was it much harder than the bell you normally use?

  2. robfitness permalink
    January 16, 2009 9:23 AM

    yes..What a great post there Michelle… I so enjoy the insight and your view on things. Now though you have to be a bit more positive 🙂 Yeah like I know what I am talking about. Even though you might have not done what you set out to I wouldn’t consider that a failure, especially since you weren’t up to par. Maybe this competition you and Luke are having with these KB’s is a bit to much for ya 🙂
    Either way you’re doing an awesome job. Did you say that you also lift weights? or is that on hold while you do the KB workouts?

  3. robfitness permalink
    January 16, 2009 9:27 AM

    Oh, I forgot… No problem with the cross posting. I sometimes think chatting would be easier. So much to do and I love to talk 🙂
    I really don’t plan on changing any of the vitamins and other stuff I am taking for the arthritis. You are right. It’s not the time to take a chance, especially with the tri coming up in about 3 months. God, I am nervous just thinking about it.
    Well time for me to get off this computer and get some other things done.
    Have a great day ahead and I hope your feeling better. Stay warm as well. It’s a chilly 65 degrees here today. Sorry, I had to rub that in 🙂

  4. January 16, 2009 1:24 PM

    Yes, I agree. We just need a chat group! I don’t like yahoo groups, got to be msn… As for setting that up, NOT IT!!!

    Luke, as for the shoulder, think it was push ups in combo with working with a patient who pushes back to stand. Her body is a straight line and she’s standing at about a 50-55degree angle. So while she’s pusing back (a chair is behind her) I’ve got to try to lift her up and forward. And I need to use my right arm because if I go on her other side she falls to her left. I think it was just the combo of the two things. It is feeling better and I was able to do most my push ups this AM. It was not my shoulder this am that hindered me, it was my chronic LBP. It was sending sharp stabbing pain down my hip and the back of my thigh and I couldn’t keep my right leg/butt cheek/hip aligned right.
    Also, sorry about my mistake! It was lbs not kg :(.

    Rob, The weights are on hold till after kettlebells. I do miss them yet I am having so much fun. I better get of my computer too and get things done! I’m having friends over to watch movies and have pizza tonight :). I still need to vacuum and clean the cat hair off the couches. Two cats… ah well, what can I do, I love the darn furballs.

  5. ladlam permalink
    January 16, 2009 3:47 PM

    That’s good that your shoulder is feeling better. Have you seen a doctor about that back pain? My mother in law had similar back pain that was making her left leg numb, which turned out to be a shattered disc in her back!
    Ohh, 24lbs? That’s a relief, I thought you must be superwoman making such a giant jump between weights 😀 None the less, 190 swings is no laughing matter!
    Ahhh cat hair. We have 3 cats now… I love them too, but I wouldn’t recommend getting a 3rd 😀

    • January 16, 2009 4:43 PM

      Yes, three times! Fourth if you count the initial time. Each time they give me pain killers, anti-inflamatories, and a muscle relaxer and say “try this”. If I go back again I’m going to get pushy about x-rays. I was kind of pissed by the first doctor, I went in and she offers to do a shot of whatever (don’t remember anymore) without doing anything to find out what it really is. She decided it was a pulled ligament or muscle of the spinal column. Gave me some exercises to do. So did each of the other doctors and I always feel like they think I’m making up stories to get painkillers! Seriously… I hate our medical system :(. That’s why I don’t go till I can’t sleep or stand anymore. If I can’t sleep, then I go. If I can’t stand, then I go. Unless I meet one of those two criteria, I deal with it.

      I really am superwoman, I just don’t want anyone to know ;). hehe. But only 155 if you go by ten minutes vs 11.

      We had a third, she is now with my mom because she beat up the other cats. We have a small grayish cat who eats her own fur (oldest), a very scared half siamese who runs from everyone (middle) and then the hugenormous orange tabby. She was a great people cat. You could toss her anywhere and there she would lay. But with the other cats, she was awful. She didn’t like to share food either so if she heard them at one dish, she’d run to it and push them out of the way and eat from it. Very territorial as well (with cats, not people).

  6. robfitness permalink
    January 17, 2009 2:14 PM

    Not it! I guess it’s up to you Luke 🙂
    By the way i really not to interested in trading places with you. I think your daughter would miss you. Why is it a little chilly there? 🙂 That’s why I moved from New York and Michigan to Vegas. Love the warm weather and the nice mild winters here. For me it’s perfect year round. I do have a sleeper sofa that isn’t in use.

  7. January 18, 2009 10:53 AM

    I’ll bring her along. You’d love WI! Little chilly… uhm, just a tad ;).


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