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“You’ve got to work at living”- Jack La Lanne

January 14, 2009

Above, a quote off the internet. Yep, I’m all about stealing quotes ;).

This kind of goes with yesterday’s post- quick fixes. Shakes and diet pills are not quick fixes for good nutrition, they’re just not. And neither is the drive through window.

People look for quick fixes for just about everything in life. No one wants for dinner to finish cooking. No one wants to wait for the red light. People spend more time looking for the shortest line than it would take to just go through the long one. Waiting is inevitable. Either get mad or dont. Really it’s a personal choice there.

The get rich quick scams… the get so many people to join your herbalife/arbon/mary kay business and you get to earn from their profits. Really, it’s just a cycle of ripping off others to make a buck.

Weight loss quick fixes- the pills, the shakes, the banana diet (btw, my grocer had no banana’s last weekend).

Fitness quick fixes- we’ve all seen those infomercials that promise easy machines that basically do the work for you. The only thing they’re better than is doing nothing. At least they make good clothes racks for drying large blankets. There is no quick fix for getting lean and building muscle mass unless you work for it. Some very lucky few are blessed with good genetics. Most likely, it’s not me and it’s not you.

There is no magic pill. If you’re looking for it, you’re wasting precious time and energy that could be spent actually working toward your goals. Yes, working toward them.

Life is work. Anything worth having is worth putting effort toward. So, lets get to work and lift something heavy ;). And damn it, eat your veggies!

Work does not equal no fun. Working can be fun and if it’s not, then make it fun! You’re going to be on this planet awhile, so make the best of it :).

Today- total 51 push ups with greatest set being of 13 in a row.
10 min kettlebell warm up followed by 5 min alternating arm Turkish Get Ups.
Veggie- two cups of corn. That was my entire supper tonight so I doubled it to two cups. I ate very very poorly the rest of the day. Two, yes two, rice crispies from the vending machine. Doritos. Fritos. And a nutty bar. About three bowls of frosted flakes (dry). Two peices of toast with strawberry jam.

My next goal for nutrition is to not eat anything with sugar listed as one of the top three ingredients or any candy or candy bars. I’m acting out and I know it. I’ll give myself a time out :).

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  1. January 15, 2009 7:59 PM

    Hi Teresa, yep, it could have been worse! I used to help me get my house from a constant messy state to something I’ll let people walk into. And it’s free! But you gotta do the work :(.

    Luke, I wouldn’t worry about it being saw dust. I’d worry about it really being rib meat. And really being pork. And worry if any poo made it in the mix.
    I can’t stand fish either. Same for the smell- ack. No migranes from that but puking is possible.
    And yep, raw granulated sugar packets. Yum yum :).

  2. ladlam permalink
    January 15, 2009 8:11 PM

    Hahaha thanks for ruining that awesome treat for me Michelle! Oh well, one less thing to crave I guess.
    Wow, you must have got some awesome sugar highs from all that raw sugar :S

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