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Shake for Breakfast, Shake for Lunch

January 13, 2009

Sounds great right? Who wouldn’t love having a wonderfully yummy strawberry shake from McDonalds every day… oh crap, wrong shake!

So, I know people who do this shake for breakfast shake for lunch thing. Long time back someone I live with tried it. Lost a ton of weight, which most people probably do loose a ton of weight doing this. So it’s great right? Wrong. Not great. Not good at all.

Loosing weight by doing the shake thing cuts down the calories per day quite drastically. Since people see results quickly, they tend to stay on this for as long as they’re able to hold out for. The longer people stay on these liquid diets, the more they ruin their bodies.

Shakes don’t give you the full nutrition you need. Might look great on the label, but it’s not packed with the nutrition that real clean food would give you. Long term calorie deficits decrease your metabolism. Not enough calories and energy means your body needs to take what it can get-from you. Might start out with breaking down fat but your body will lean toward breaking down lean tissue since it’s just plain easier and when you’re body thinks it’s not getting what it needs, it will hold onto it’s fat and use up the more highly metabolic muscle tissue. Your body doesn’t want to keep feeding something that takes up so much energy! Breaking it down is just more logical.

Same goes for appetite supressants. Who knows how healthy these things really are… and how harmful they likely are. Take a look at those side effects. What is more likely? The side effects or the promised weight loss??? I’m thinking the side effects are what they’re really selling. And even if weight is lost, there’s much better chances of gaining it back than keeping it off. Depending on the side effect you’re afflicted with, you’re more likely to have the side effect for life rather than the weight loss.

Better approach? Clean eating and activity. Works every time… side effects? I haven’t recently heard that there is any side effect of a healthy diet.

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  1. ladlam permalink
    January 13, 2009 11:08 PM

    Ahhhh I hate these shake things! They even have Australia’s Biggest Loser contestants from last season selling them on TV which I can’t believe! Even protein shakes (which I see no point in any more) stress that they are meal supplements, not replacements!
    Little story, when I first started losing weight some people at work asked how I was doing it. “Eating healthy and lots of exercise” was my reply. They instantly lost interest and found something else to do…

    • January 14, 2009 5:46 AM

      Everyone want’s that quick fix. No one wants to work at it which is sorta sad. We’ll when we’re ninty and still able to get to the toilet we’ll be laughin’ at ’em ;).

  2. robfitness permalink
    January 14, 2009 11:37 AM

    I agree for must people it is all about Quick Fixes. They don’t want to put in the hard work and effort that it really takes to get healthy. They don’t realize that after awhile of working out it can actually be fun and it’s a good way to meet other people that are on the journey with them. Maybe You me and Luke can all go on a worldwide speaking tour of letting people really know how to live a fit and healthy life. We all our experience I am sure we’d be a success. 🙂

    By the way great job on your goals. Your doing a great job in all aspects of your life.
    I forgot to mention. The reason why I can do so much in my workouts is that I am single with basically no obligations. So I have A LOT of free time on my hands. With all that you do you should get the “Mom” of the Year award!

  3. January 14, 2009 8:21 PM

    They definitely don’t. The group I work with is always talking about how they need to eat better or get more exercise but never do it. They “dont have time” Arg how I hate that excuse!

    LOL, no mom of the year for me. My daughter probably loves your blog better. I love the animated graphics! I stole that idea and used it for one of my posts. Her dad also has her three days a week so I sometimes say I’m a “part time” mom. Not that I don’t worry when she’s not here, just I don’t have to do the extra’s like make sure she eats, brushes her teeth, and washes her hair.

  4. robfitness permalink
    January 15, 2009 6:15 AM

    I still think your doing an awesome job! By the way your blog is just as great too. Like I said before your daughter is right, I think that pictures and little animation make a blog more interesting to read and of course look at. That’s the reason why I add them. I don’t want to bore people to sleep. After all it’s about exercise and being active, not sleeping. 🙂
    now a site that you might like and your daughter as well is:
    You can find a lot of stuff in there and what i do is a search and put in what I am looking for. Have some fun with it.

  5. January 15, 2009 5:01 PM

    Thanks for the link Rob! I don’t think anyone could fall asleep reading your blog. I do like the graphics you have. Garfeild was one of my fav’s.

  6. robfitness permalink
    January 15, 2009 5:51 PM

    Glad you don’t fall a sleep and I am glad you enjoy reading what I say. Sometime I just go on and on and don’t even realize what i am saying. Blogging is some great therapy and the best part is meeting people like you, Luke, Jason and the other s that are on this journey. Everyone is so awesome.
    Hope you and your daughter enjoy the link. I think she’ll get a kick out of all the graphics.

  7. January 15, 2009 10:05 PM

    You got it right. I always try to get people to eat right first before they can try other techniques. You really shouldn’t be doing shakes unless you are serious about working out and have a good handle on nutrition.

  8. January 16, 2009 1:27 PM

    I love blogging because it keeps me motivated! Having to be accountable… EEK!

    I agree, shakes are really a supplement to, not a replacement for, good nutrition

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