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I Forgot My Stats!!!

January 13, 2009

From Yesterday:
Weight 130.5 (up from 129)
Bodyfat %- 24.5 (see, my scale IS broken- down about 3% from a week and a half ago)
Inches- overall .25 loss.

Finances- on track. Calling again tomorrow about the phone bill charges for a phone that we cancelled two months ago now.
Organization- My desk that I gave myself three weeks to do is done! So I’m moving on early to the next one which is to organize all my holiday stuff. I was only doing 15 min per day and I missed both Saturday and Sunday but got it done today anyway :).
My daughters room- I have done step one! I’d say what it was but she likes to read my blog so I can’t say. Just know she’ll be suprised :).
Fitness- 10 min torture in the AM’s. Doing well, only missed one day so not bad.
Food- 1 cup of veggies a day- also only missed one day so again, not bad. I just need to remember to eat them BEFORE supper or I don’t want to eat them before bed when I’m not hungry.

Today’s workout- Kettlebell warm up and swings. 12 min of swings with alternating rest. I did 50, 40, 40, 40, 40, 12 in the first ten minutes which is 222 swings!!! I’m using a heavier bell next time.
I wanted to do the last two minutes with the hand to hand swings so I did TWO MINUTES STRAIGHT of hand to hand swings. I could barely breathe when I was done, but hey, it was great!

This AM torture- prisoner squats, reverse lunges with pulse, alternating wide and narrow squats, plank with pulse (on elbows to not overwork my arms for tomorrow’s push ups), forward lunges with pulse, 5 reps each side for single leg squats to my couch cuz I can’t go any lower yet, crunches. Everything other than the pistols were 20 reps each.

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  1. ladlam permalink
    January 13, 2009 11:04 PM

    WOW! 222 swings in ten minutes?! Sounds like its time to move up!
    Your 10 mins of torture looks like great fun too 😀

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