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I Want To Be Able To Do This:

January 9, 2009

Photo stolen from some fitness site. I don’t recall which one, but I don’t think it was T-nation, but then, it might have been. I really don’t remember and I don’t know who the photo really belongs to but it was on a public forum so fair game for stealing, right? Maybe? Okay, anyway, this chick is awesome. Really awesome. I stole the picture only becuase it is reallly such an inspiring picture (for me anyway) to see someone able to do that and be so overwhelmed with awe (and yeah, a pinch of jealousy).

Do the splits, upside down, while “standing” on one arm… I know not one person IRL that could do this. I certainly cant and if I did, it’d have to be on my left arm because apparently my right is a weak piece of flesh.

To me, this is one of those “ultimate” displays of balance, stability, strength, and muscle control. AND this chick has an awesome back. She had another pic up that I also stole… Yeah, I’m a bit obsessed, but not too obsessed. Really, please believe me.

Okay, so anyway, onto my life now.

Today Josh and I did our ten minutes of wall squats and halo’s and pumps. I did very few pumps and stuck with wall squats and halo’s mainly. I fell on my ass doing wall squats. Yes, I did. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Here’s what happened. I was at the bottom position of my squat when Josh makes this noise. Since he’d kill me if I said more, we’ll leave it there. So, I turn my head to look, loose my balance (I am knees to the wall after all). I can’t lean forward quickly or I’d wack my head into the wall. Not good. I can’t step back because I’m in the bottom of my squat with my butt less than an inch from the ground anyway. So I tipped back and Hubby was in no immediate life threatening situation so it was all for nothing :).

Arfter that was the get ups. My right wrist is getting more stiff day by day and I’m really hoping it’ll hold off four more weeks before giving out on me and causing me pain. So far, just mostly stiff. Rare instances of pain. Some limited motion, but not terrible yet. I so want to get through the push up challenge, just once to be able to do something with my wrist. I’m also noticing the kettlebell causes discomfort on my right wrist where it rests against. I’m sure it’s a nerve thing, maybe it’s pressing on it or something, dont know. All I know is I hate my wrist but not enough to cut it off. Also, my right arm overall is weaker. I noticed it was much harder for me to keep my right elbow locked than it was my left. Either that or my bicep is overcompensating and my tricep is not able to keep it straight when it should be.

Or maybe I’m over analyzing the situation.

Also, veggies :). I had a smashed potato again. And I had a salad for supper, but I wasn’t really planning on counting salad greens for this 21 days. I am wanting another potato. They’re just so darn good! I’ll have to try to tell myself to try new things or at least things with color here and there. My daughter had one, too, after supper. I ate half of it. I kept wandering over by her taking yet another bite. Poor kid, no wonder she’s 10 and only 75 lbs. I eat all her darn food.

As for my other goals, desk is becoming cleaner. My daughters room still needs planets hung on the ceiling but I’ve got two more weeks!!! Darn it all!!! And I did cancel our cable, but got a bill in the mail for the phone we cancelled two months ago. So looks like yet another call to AT&T. These people are just plain idiots who work there. (no offense to anyone who works there reading this). Alright, I got like two people that I’ve talked to there who might not be idiots out of more than a dozen. If you work there and you’re the smart one, you know your co-workers are idiots, lets face it, they just are. So they were supposed to cancel this when they hooked me up to U-verse. Yeah, just like when the billed me for someone elses internet service. Yes, they did do this. They are idiots. So anyway, looks like another call to complain yet again. If we didn’t need internet for me to stay sane and do my courses I’d so just cancel it now and tell them to f- off. Yeah, I’m a little peeved at them. They also lied about U-verse service. So, yeah, anyway…

Hope you all had a great day and happy training in whatever it is you’re training for!

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  1. January 9, 2009 11:46 PM

    Smashed potato.
    Homer like.

  2. January 10, 2009 12:32 PM

    Awesome pic, but I have to say I don’t have visions of myself doing that — ever. Great job on your workout.

  3. robfitness permalink
    January 10, 2009 12:32 PM

    No potatoes for me. Just thinking about them I just gained 10 pounds. Come on try some hardier ones like Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, asparagus…. You can be that adventurous, can’t you 🙂
    Your doing good though with your challenge and I am proud of you for sticking with them. Plus it looks like your goals are coming right along as well.
    Now to do that split, Why would you want to. It looks so painful 🙂 I am sure with your determination you’ll have that goal accomplished by next week.
    Keep up the great work your doing.
    PS>> Got to love AT &T:-) Hope you get that sqaured away as well.

  4. January 11, 2009 7:36 PM

    I love potatoes!

    Teresa, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do it either. It’s a nice dream though :).

    Hi Rob, I love broccoli and that’s been my main veggie of choice. No asparagus here though. Today was more broccoli, yesterday green beans and a quarter of a tomato. I am not a tomato fan. I did also have a salad, but I’m not really counting leafy greens unless I get in a bind. No way in one week. I’m just not strong enough to hold myself in that position nor do I have the leg flexibility for it.

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