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All Or Nothing

January 4, 2009

I got this email the other day (okay, yesterday). It was titled “Loose 20 lbs in 30 days”. Now, if you know me, when I see something like that, I think, this a-hole is full of crap and typically mark the thing spam. However, this email was from someone who calls himself an expert (I never did research his credentials or experience, so I will not say one way or the other). Dax Moy was the sender of this particular email. He was the guy who put together the 12 days of fitness gifts, totally awesome stuff by the way. I’ll be using the bodyweight and kettlebell routines I downloaded for years to come I’m certain.

Because of who the sender was, I opened the email. I did unsubscribe, but not till after I read it and what his plan was. The plan is the Elimination Diet. Maybe some of you have already heard of it (I did post about it a loooong while back). I glanced at this diet way back when and recall I didn’t like it. No, I shouldn’t say that, the diet is fine, the plan is what I don’t like.

Moy calls for a very strict start up of this diet. Two days to gather the foods you’re allowed (shopping and planning) then the rest of the 30 days to strictly follow the diet. Here’s where we get to the title of this post, all or nothing…

All or nothing is how this plan starts. If you’re not going to follow it 100% don’t waste your time. I think that might be pretty darn close to exact wording he uses. The gist of why is because your body needs to clean out toxins and that if you allow yourself to start slowly, cheat days, and stuff, you’re not going to stick to it.

Now, how I see it, all or nothing is not a good way to make a lifestyle change. Even with exercise, just jumping in all or nothing, we see where it’s gotten the people from Biggest Loser, most with returned weight gain because that all or nothing exercise and nutrition routine doesn’t equal long term compliance for MOST people. There are certainly some people who can do this and succeed and stick to it for life. I’m not some people. Definitely not.

My recommendation (from someone who is not saying they’re an expert) is to take all life changes one or two small steps at a time. Break down a big life change (like this Elimination Diet) and make it manageable. Eliminate one thing at a time till you get to where the diet recommends. So your body wont have the benefit of flushing out all the toxins immediately, but I’d be much more likely to stick to this diet with multiple changes to my lifestyle and follow it for, possibly the whole month, then eat one banned item and then since it’s all or nothing, toss the whole program out the window. With small steps, maybe a year from now I’d hit the actual diet he recommends, but I’d be set. It’d be habit and I could probably stick to it for life. Doing it once, I’d have the short term benefit but then return to my previous destructive eating habits.

Small steps, manageable changes slowly added to your daily life, in my opinion work so much better. Then if you fall off the wagon on the third step, the first two steps are still there to hold you firmly from falling all the way. With a good solid support being built, it’s so much easier to just get back up rather than stay beaten and down.

Our parents and grandparents have always said, when you fall, get back up and try again. Lets take their advice.

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