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December 28, 2008

The last two days I was in bed by 7 PM. I have been just exhausted. I’m awake and going to work (worked yesteday, too). I’ll aim for doing something productive today. I see that I haven’t been doing my daily posts, which is a huge indicator that I’m about to fall off the wagon if I don’t get my butt in gear.

I also noticed that last Wednesday I didn’t post how I was doing with this 21 days. I’m nearly there to 21 days without soda. I’ll keep going with that though. I debating on what my next 21 days should be, I have a few options to consider and Wednesday will be here pretty soon!

With the soda though, I’ve had near constant cravings during all of week two. It’s been an uphill battle. The past day or two haven’t been such a struggle.

Well, if I had my choice I’d go back to bed for another 12 hours rather than to work, but I don’t have a choice, so see you all later :).

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