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Eat To Live

December 20, 2008

Maybe you wondered what happened last night. It was a lift day and there is no post! Okay, I didn’t lift. I had difficulty sleeping Thursday night which lead to a headache all day yesterday so I figured I’d at least do something so I read the rest of Eat To Live.

I had difficulty staying awake at first and took a three hour nap till about 8pm. I felt a bit better after sleeping awhile and then read the rest from 8 to11:30ish.

The book seems pretty good. He definitely recommends a more vegan lifestlye. Since clean eating will definitely take me closer to his advice, I’m not against what he’s saying. I’ll probably do a bit of my own research on some things he says and I’ll post what I find. He mentions that green leafy veggies are about 50% protien. I looked up that spinach is about right on that. As for romiane, not so much.

I did skip lifting yesterday because of the headache and lack of sleep. After we go get our gift cards, I’ll be coming back to workout. Then after that, shower and head over to the inlaws for the Christmas party. We’re doing it tonight.

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  1. Alyce permalink
    December 20, 2008 5:08 PM

    Sometimes you just need a day off, at least you spent it productively 🙂

  2. December 22, 2008 8:58 PM

    I’m STILL fighting off that headache. I’m wondering if it’s from the lack of caffine but starting a week later. I’ve not been as good about the water the last three days.

    Lots in that book to think about. I’ll probably read it again but slower so I can do some of my own research while I read it.

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