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Are You Spending Your Time Living?

December 13, 2008
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Usually I get into one of these moods when one of my patients or former patients passes away. Today, it’s my mom- not dying or anything. She just beleives she is. She is certain God told her she would die at 64 in a dream. Well, maybe she will, maybe she wont. Maybe it was a warning to get her health in order to live longer (she probably has chronic anxiety and definitely a sleeping disorder and depression).

We had a wonderful evening with my dad (my daughter and I). He took us out for pizza and ice cream. Guess I really am trying to live off pizza! Anyway, my daughter told me about my mom on the way home. My mom picks up my daughter from school and drops her off at my sister’s house. She told my daugher the other day that she wouldn’t be there when she had kids or graduates from school because she’ll be dead by then. Okay, great, but maybe not tell that to a ten year old? Why not just say “I’d love to see that” and leave the “if I’m still alive” to yourself?!?! Seriously, my daughter doesn’t need to hear those things.

But it got me to thinking of her lifestyle and probably the lifestyle of many people (and even myself some days). Everyone in this world, unless there’s an immortal somewhere walking around, is going to die someday. We are ALL in the process of dying every day. We can choose to let ourselves die or we can choose to spend the time we have living.

Are you living today? Doing something you enjoy to liven your day. Something to brighten your smile. Something to make your life or the lives of others easier? Doing something to improve your health, your situation in life? Learn something new? Spending time with those you love?

Take a look at your day. Please tell me you spent your day alive.

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  1. robfitness permalink
    December 14, 2008 2:20 PM

    You sure sure full of some wisdom today and give us all a lot to think about. I guess that’s why I enjoy reading your blogs.
    I know I live each day to the fullest that I can and I take nothing for granted.
    Every since I have been working out and improving my life I feel that life is worth living more than ever before. New doors have opened up for me and I want to continue enjoying life as a fit man. There are so many new and exciting adventures waited ahead for me and I look forward to each day that comes. I feel that improving your health is just another step in living longer and happier. It’s just to bad that more people don’t see that and do something about it. I guess that’s why our blog are out there. We hope that we can inspire others to do something better for themselves and improve their lives by becoming more fit.
    Your doing a great job inspiring others.

  2. dkzody permalink
    December 15, 2008 5:23 PM

    Living each day to the fullest is very important. I keep telling people, this is not a dress rehearsal, this is all you get, so enjoy every minute. Live like it’s the last day. Do I always follow my advice? Nah, but I will tell you (and I may be close to your mom’s age) I am looking for fun things to do, and will soon be changing my career because I don’t feel the joy I should have.

  3. December 16, 2008 8:26 PM

    Thanks for the support Rob, I was in a down mood that night (and a tad upset about my mom’s attitude). I sure hope that others join in and our blogs inspire people to get motivated. I wish I could inspire those closest to me :(. No luck…

    dkzody, agree completely! I don’t always take my own advice either, but I try. In the end, I think that’s what’s important, that we tried our best to live our lives :). Good luck with the career change! I hope it goes well. I’m in college again for another career as well. Love what I do, but just want to do more! I can’t decide. I’d love to be a student forever but hubby wont support me forever. For some reason, he thinks I should put my degree to some use ;).

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