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Another Day in the Life of a Lazy Lifter

December 12, 2008

I did my workout today! In near record time, about 40 min. I’m proud of myself :). BUT no warm up :(. I was lazy again. But hey, I did lift!

Today was 3 sets of 15 reps of supersetted incline press with seated cable row, shoulder press with wide grip lat pulldown, close grip bench with high pull, and then just a swiss ball curl by itself. I had an amazingly difficult time completing 15 reps of most of those things. I was trying to use weights that would be more appropriate for say, 10 reps. Well, at least I’ll know what to use next time, eh?

Then, I did one of the Firm workout video’s. I did it without weight because I wanted to do it for cardio. I knew it had a ton of squats and lunges in it, but not to bad. I was supposed to do my lower body routine tomorrow but instead I’ll be going out to dinner with my dad. If I get home early from work, then I’ll do it before dinner, otherwise it will be bumped to Sunday which still gives me 4 days for the week. Plus I want to do some more boxing with my lower body routine. I felt pretty good after just getting in my 15 min last time.

This week from Monday to today I have only 45 hours. Not to bad considering how it was a bit ago. But then I do work tomorrow and Sunday for 8 hours each day. By the end of the week that gives me a total of 61 hours. If I counted last Sunday to tomorrow, then my total would be 59.5 hours because I only worked 6.5 last Sunday. So, yeah, I do work alot. I work the weekend after this one as well, and the weekend after that. And I think the first weekend in Jan that I only work one weekend day. I’m not sure yet if I’ll be working on Christmas. If I do, it’ll only be for four or five hours.

Sorry this is so late, but we went shopping for groceries tonight. Hope ya’ll did your workout today!

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