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Catchy Title

December 8, 2008

Couldn’t think of a title. My brain is gone today. Probably from sniffing all that paint on Saturday! (and lack of sleep last night from nightmares because of reading the book of short stories from Saturday).

You might have wondered where I went yesterday! Or maybe not. Well, I got lost. I went to work yesterday. Then we went out to dinner, just at the mall. Josh bought me a book that I hadn’t read before (and even if I had…). So, I got lost in the book. I read till it was done. And I had just bought myself a book the day before so I read one book Saturday and one book Sunday. I do so love to read :). I don’t recall the one Saturday that I read between paint drying, but yesterday was “through the eyes of the dragon” by Stephen King. Yeah, it’s an older book, but I hadn’t read it. It reads more like he’s telling a story than writing a book, which I kind of like. Neat book.

Did routine A of Hypertrophy 1. I got started around 7. I’ve had no luck attempting to adjust my time clock.
My favorite part of the routine was the high pulls. I’ve never done high pulls before. It was paired with a close grip bench press. I really enjoyed that superset. I’ll have to up the weight a bit next time- I wasn’t sure what I could handle with the high pull and since they’re paired, the bar weight will not be changing during the superset. Sometimes I wish I had a spare bar. Maybe I’ll buy an extra.

It took longer than I thought it would, but then it’s five sets of five with a 90 sec rest between sets. And I needed that rest on most of them! I didn’t feel all that sweaty, but I could tell my muscles were working like crazy. Being so low on reps, I pushed the weight on most. I had to bump it down on my incline press from 30lb dumbbells to 25 lb dumbbells. Wish I had something right in the middle there.

I’ve also moved. I’m no longer on fitday. My biggest issue with fitday is that I can’t just leave my window open and update things as I eat them. Instead, even if the window is open, it makes me log in again. Since I’m lazy, the time it takes me to re-log in really drives me nuts. I’m trying out spark people. I like that they have a “trophy” system. The points, ah, who cares. But the **trophy**, that’ll get me to stick around for a bit. I’ll tell ya how it goes.

In other news, Josh might be joining me in Kettlebells this January!!! Yeah, I’m excited.

Lastly, my cat, Tearzy, will also be joining me in my weekly workout routine. She’s joined me since the start and I think today she was really darn jealous that she couldn’t play with my swiss ball.

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