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If You Had to Choose, Would it be an Arm or a Leg?

December 4, 2008

Okay, really, I’m thinking Personal Trainer or Nutritionist to plan out all meals?

I think most personal trainers don’t know what they’re doing. Sounds like a few of my online friends have found some good ones, but overall, a two day course to get the certificate is not enough schooling for most personal trainers.

I don’t know about nutritionists. I’ve not looked into them much. But I would really really love someone to figure out what my meals will be. Cook them for me (so now I need a chef, too, any volunteers?). Plan out my daily ratio of 40/30/30.

Today, I worked long hours and had no desire to work out.
Then discovered the heat vent to the basement was open. Probably helped to decrease my motivation. Like to work out in colder temps, sleep in crazy warm temps. I think my bedroom is about 76 degrees. Nice :).

Anyway I’m chatting too much on IM to finish this post! You know who you are :). Hi B and Debbie!

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  1. judie611 permalink
    December 5, 2008 6:54 AM

    I have trained a few times with different trainers at the gym. I was never terribly impressed with them and since I prefer to work out in a group setting, it wasn’t that enjoyable for me. However, I would LOVE to have a cook or even a nutritionist help me out. That would be terrific!!

  2. December 5, 2008 9:27 AM

    I agree that not all personal trainers are good. I had a really bad one before I started working with my current one who is really good. But I just got lucky and was place with him when my first trainer left. I wouldn’t go by certificates, I look for someone who has a lot of experience and can show you proven success stories. Now that I know what I know about trainers I would even consider calling a few references (although, no one would give you a refrenence to call that wouldn’t say good things about them, right?). All I know is that my gym only has 6 trainers and if my trainer ever leaves I have no idea who I would train with because from what I see the rest of them suck.

    Alternately, If you have a really really really good trainer, they are usually very good with nutrition and can guide you with that also. Kind of a 2 for 1 deal, although I don’t think they will come to your house and cook for you. If you find a trainer that will do that, I’m moving there!

  3. robfitness permalink
    December 5, 2008 1:33 PM

    Hi there..
    Sorry it’s been a bit but you know how it goes. i am easily distracted and being on a vacation has me just chillin out more.
    I have to say that i have the best trainer ever. He knows what he’s doing, he has a degree, he has been certified for many years and continue to educate himself on all aspects of fitness. He really know his stuff.

    Now a new thing that he has organized would make you a bit jealous so I am not sure if I should mention it. Oh, what the heck I might as well brag some more 🙂
    You see he is working with a chef and you can order all meals from them, they’ll cook it, deliver it and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. I’ll be able to order what ever meal s I want, snacks too and then will also prepare foods so you have enough for a week. The other good news is that it’s really not as expensive as most people would think. At least in my situation.

    If you have a good trainer I would see what he has to think about the nutrition aspect and find out were he gets his knowledge from. The nutritionist that I have been to are all old school and they swear by this outdated food pyrimid. Well that just doesn’t work for me.

    I do hope you find what you need and just be patient and don’t settle for something less.
    Good luck and thanks for all your support s well.

  4. December 6, 2008 9:28 AM

    Hope everything works out for you in the end. There are some chefs that do home-catering style and prepare healthy meals. I’ve seen some where they make it and freeze it, and all you have to do is pop it in the microwave/oven, or re-heat it on the stove. Then again, that is just like a freezer meal, but they wouldn’t be filled with as much chemicals and artificial fillers.

  5. December 6, 2008 8:41 PM

    Rob, you’re right, I am jealous!!! I would love to have that. I don’t have a trainer though so I don’t know who to ask. I’ll have to do some research online I guess and see if I can find someone who will cheaply plan meals out that I’ll actually eat. There are some people who give out meal plans but they have stuff in them I’d starve before eating (like cottage cheese and oatmeal- seem to be such popular items in all meal plans). You and Lisa both seem to have really awesome trainers right now. I loved seeing the pics of your workout with him a while back. Any new things with the kettlebell lately?

    Lisa, I’ll let you know if I find one like that ;). But I might take him in as my “mister” and not share!

    Judie, I liked the group classed too when I went to the gym. I never did work with the trainers there. Had the free consult and the guy pushed the spinning classes like crazy. I was just not into spinning. There was another trainer there who never seemed to be there. Small gym, I’d probably have had better luck at a larger club.

    Sharon, that sounds like a good idea for the days my daughter is with her dad. Husband of mine doesn’t necessarily eat with me anyway. If they do larger meals, then might even be good for the whole family and get us all eating better.

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