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Excuses Are Like…

December 1, 2008

yeah, you know how that ends 😉

I’m full of excuses today :). My cat ate my homework. Hehe. Na, really, about my workout. It IS an off day which means no lifting. But on days I don’t lift I try to do at least a little something or other. Like running, going for a walk, practicing my kettlebells.

Today I had planned to get on Josh’s treadmill for a mile or two.

Excuses to avoid the treadmill…
I have a headache (not really, just a dull ache around my temples, nothing that would “really” prevent a workout)
I’m exhausted (I am)
My legs are still tired from all that dancing (They’re tired, but not too tired to walk a bit)
My back hurts (it always hurts, so that’s really not a great excuse)
I have to study (yet I read a fictional story book after work)
I don’t have time (yet again, that reading)
I need to get to bed (I do, cuz I wasted time reading something that isn’t important for today)

I could think of dozens more just for today.

Excuses aren’t THAT bad, until they start happening EVERY DAY- you know who you are ;).

Everybody needs a day off here and there and things do interfere with daily exercise. Maybe you had an excuse today, but yet here you are reading this damn post! Turn off the puter and go for a damn walk already. Okay, so maybe that’s not reasonable. I’ll be nice :). I’ll really try anyway. Really though, ask anyone who didn’t work out today why they didn’t and they’ll give you an excuse. And most of the time, they believe their excuse to be 100% valid. Like the “no time” excuse, yet like I said, here we are-  me typing this post, you reading it. Precious moments that either of us could be pushing around something heavy. Most people make time for their favorite television programs. Why not put that same amount of time into doing something to make yourself better, stronger, faster, healthier? Many people make time for internet activities. Blog surfing, forums, chat rooms, games… some people spend hours a day on these activities. And yet those same people have “no time” to fit in a workout. I hate the “no time” excuse most of all. Hell for as long as many men sit in the bathroom taking a dump, I could have a workout done and over with!

Now of course there are valid reasons, like injuries. Injuries are not an excuse though, they’re a reasonable cause to avoid lifting/ exercise for a time to heal. Though you’ve got to know your body and know what you can work through and what you need to take time off for.

Which leads to another excuse- that there is something physically minor going on. Like my back pain, my dad’s bad knee, or any other random assortment of minor ailments (like my headache, too). Now, I want ya’ll to know that the day immediately after a hip or knee replacement, abdominal surgery, heart surgery, and all sorts of other things, those people are getting therapy (yes, exercise) twice a day. Yeah, it’s not full on forceful stuff to us who have not just had tubes and scalpels near our internal organs, but to someone after surgery, it’s agonizing. 

So if someone who just had their abdomen cut open and parts of their intestines removed can handle a  workout then so can I.

On that note, I’m going to head upstairs and do a quick few halo’s, swings, and a few get ups with the kettlebell. I can handle ten minutes even if I’m exhausted.

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  1. Alyce permalink
    December 1, 2008 10:05 PM

    Great post! Makes me want to get off the internet and work out. Too bad it’s midnight. 🙂

  2. December 2, 2008 1:34 PM

    lol, that’s the good part about my place. Even at midnight I wont disturb anyone. You live in a dorm, right? They’d think you were nuts ;).

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