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Killing Another Treadmilll?

November 28, 2008

Today I tried out the treadmill again. I jogged/ran three miles at 5-6 mph. It worked quite well. No issues except for a strange smell of burning rubber. So, I’ve heard that sometimes the track  under the belt needs to be lubricated or something. No idea. Never had a treadmill before. Anyway, tomorrow I’ll go in and see if the guy is working and ask him what I should do about it. So far Josh hasn’t tried it out and technically it’s “his” treadmill. I’m just using it for 15 days to make sure it works ;).

Other than the burning rubber smell, all was well. We’ll see if I end up killing the darn thing or not.

We took Josh’s mom and step dad out to dinner tonight so another night of not so good eating. Again Itailian. Just can’t say no.

As for lifting, per the altered schedule, today is an off day. I’ll be lifting tomorrow and Sunday.

The hand, feeling a bit better. No longer hurts to type though. Today the shoulder hurts a bit more than the hand does and I don’t recall landing on that.

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