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Thanksgiving WOD

November 27, 2008

Earlier today I decided it would be a great idea to go flying around my laundry room. I slipped and landed hard on the lateral part of my hand. I was attempting to keep my plate from flying! I did loose a platefull of food (tears). And my hand is killing me. Holding the weights for my routine… painful. But even worse was sliding my glove off my hand (I use fingerless gloves but without grippers, they’re soft on the outside. Sort of looks like worn down felt. It’s to protect the skin, not help the grip, but anyway…). Pulling off that damn glove made me nearly scream out in agony. I really should have it looked at. Even typing this hurts. But I’m not a wuss… I have a bruise on the distal end of my fifth metacarpal and it feels like I sprained the proximal end. Thought at first I might have broke it. My grip was horrible today because of pain and I tried to just use my thumb and first two fingers. Even my ring finger moving causes pain in my pinkie.

Anyway, enough of my whining.

I did my part A of my routine. SS1- Deadlift upped by 5 lbs- did well. Push ups- did most on my toes this time at least. Bulgarian split squat- upped weight by 10 lbs here and did all reps on the first three sets, missed the last four reps on my last set. Thought I was going to fall over and die! Then two point rows. After about 10 of the 12 reps my form did suffer a bit so I’ll keep the weight the same next time and improve my form. The deadlifts weren’t perfect either, but not terrible. After all four, rest 60 sec and repeat a total of four times through.

SS2- Deadlift off box, 20 reps of that will kill anyone. This was by far the toughest part of my second superset. I upped my weight by five lbs from last time, but it’s 20 lbs less than from my first superset. Bench press, for some reason this didn’t go as well as last time. Arms were shaking away. Thought they were going to shake right out of their sockets! The walking lunge with side bend went fine and I need to work on getting my lunge a little lower. With space in my basement I tend to take shorter steps and that limits my range of motion. Can’t get so low. Then seated rows. Upped those this time by 1 resistance and will up them again next time by one more. Rested 60 seconds after all four in a row then repeated for total of two times through, 20 reps each.

Last was the hanging leg raise. Again used my captains chair and I did a hamstring stretch for a min and a half before doing this exercise (during my “rest” that’s supposed to be 60 sec). I actually did keep my legs straighter but can definitely tell I have tight hams.

To top it off I jogged another mile at 5mph on incline 2. New (but ancient) treadmill works very nicely. We’ll see if it lasts 15 days… That’s the cut off to bring it back to I’ll be using it nearly every day till then to make sure it doesn’t die.

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  1. November 27, 2008 10:38 PM



    Rest your hand – you know better. Nothing will hurt worse than trying to push through this and making it worse instead. Ask yourself – do you wanna take four weeks off or twelve? Nothing wussy about this – it’s a no-brainer; you need to take time off and heal.

  2. November 30, 2008 12:58 PM

    I am feeling better :). The shoulder is a bit worse than the hand as of right now, but not anywhere near as bad as the hand was on day one! Ouch!

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