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Today’s workout

November 21, 2008

My daughter came down with me today and walked on my husbands treadmill. My warm up was carying his treadmill downstairs with him. He’ll claim he did all the work ;). I DID help!!! I swear!

It was a tough day. I’m tired today, didn’t want to do it, and I’m mad at my computer. Less than a month ago my old one died. Now I have this one. And internet explorer keeps suddenly (as of today) crashing on me.

You might say, go download firefox. Well, I don’t like firefox! I get kind of frustrated when on forums using firefox. For forum chatting, explorer really does work better. Maybe if I used it for other things… who knows.

So anyway, I got my bum down to the basement, did my workout, and will be increasing weight on 2 out of my 9 exercises for my next time doing this one (next Wed).

Also, no post tomorrow. I’m going to Chicago!!! I’ll post a pic or something. It might even include me in the pic, but then I do so love the skyline driving into Chicago. It’ll be about a five to six hour drive. We’re stopping in Milwaukee for breakfast with some friends half of them will be joining us. Dad and daughter are coming, mom and son have a pre-set playdate so they’ll have to stay for that. We were going to Chicago, but these two coming along is an extra bonus because he’s a great guy first of all, and he’s rasing the daughter I gave birth to. She was placed into an open adoption at birth to him and his wife. We meet up here and there and keep in touch by email. But anyway, my blog is digressing from fitness here, so I’ll go write a fitness post tonight to make up for tomorrow.

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  1. November 22, 2008 5:44 PM

    Stay motivated. Just checked out your site, Nice!! I’ll visit again.

    Take Care,

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