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I can do it!

November 20, 2008

Yeah, take that Pavel, I can do it!!! One of the things Pavel says in his book to master is to do a sumo squat with the toes up against the wall without tipping backward or hitting your head on the wall. I did it :). yes, I’m proud of myself. AND it helps because by doing that one simple thing, I’m even more aware of posture with my regular squats.

I did those sumo squats as part of my warm up. There are a few other things in his book pertaining to technique that I might encorporate into my warm up. Then, maybe I’ll consistently do an actual warm up :). There is one in there called “taming the arc” that I bet my husband would kill me if he found out I was doing it in the basement. I’ll make him read this post, get worried, check the book, and then get really worried before I let him ask me if the loud bangs he heard on the floor were tiles breaking…

So for my first superset of four in a row I was thinking, this is good. I can do this. Then I did the second superset and I started thinking, it’s not as bad as last week. Then I did the third time through it and started wondering how many times did I do this superset already!?! By the fourth one, I was glad it was over

Then there’s the next superset of the next four. I didn’t up any of my weight THIS TIME but I will be upping a couple next time. Got them written into my log so I know which one’s I’m upping. Also, I hate this superset because it’s 20 reps. Seriously, I get sidetracked! I’m certain I did thirty step ups before I realized what I was doing on my right leg today. Used same weight as left, so easier on right, but still… And yes, this is one I’m upping next time.

Ball crunch, adding weight to as well next time.

Guess that’s it :). Happy Lifting!

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  1. robfitness permalink
    November 20, 2008 11:55 PM

    Great attitude to have! Personally I hate all squats! Just not my favorite thing to do, then again neither are push-ups..but I do them anyway. Today during my workout with my trainer I kept saying “I Can’t do it” and I think it pissed him off a bit. I do need to be more positive at times and developed the attitude like you and say “I can do it.” I think I quit to easily and that bothers me.
    Maybe it’s getting up at 3 AM that makes me “bitchy”. Or it could be that I do almost 2 hours of cardio before I see my trainer and by then I’m a bit tired.
    No matter what my attitude does have to change and I’m going to have to start doing things that I don’t like but what are good for me. So what is “taming the arc” and has your husband read the post yet ? 🙂
    Keep up the great work. You really inspire me to go out and try different things and one thing is for sure is that you don’t limit yourself and are not afraid to try new things.
    Thanks for letting me ramble on here….

  2. Alyce permalink
    November 21, 2008 10:48 AM

    I just googled sumo squats after reading this, and that looks like it requires a good deal more balance than I have! Good idea to work in a warm up, I never really warm up beyond just walking or jogging to the gym but it really seems like a good idea, especially if you’ve got specific moves that will actually benefit your workout!

  3. Josh permalink
    November 21, 2008 3:00 PM

    Luckly it appears no tiles were harmed while “taming the arc”.

  4. November 21, 2008 5:45 PM

    “taming the arc” is when you take your kettlebell, swing it up, kind of let go and flip it, then catch it but not the handle, sort of like it’s resting with your palm up like carrying a serving platter. I didn’t actually do this in my basement, thinking I’ll really try it outside first. Just wanted to scare hubby ;). He is kind of crazy about those tiles… That’s his post before mine. The loud bangs were actually me purposefully dropping the dumbbells a couple inches from the floor because my cat doesn’t have the same fear of dumbbells that she does of the bar.

    Rob, I’ll be doing kettlebells in earnest in January, want to join me? Should be a fun challenge!

    Alyce, I absolutely hate to warm up but have been forcing myself to do it. Those squats, particularly up against a wall, are tough on balance! I was glad I could actually touch the floor. I was a bit worried :).

    And Josh, no worries, the tiles are safe… for now.

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