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November 19, 2008

…at the bookstore. Yes, there of all places. Where they have a three to four foot wide area with six shelves that house all their fitness/lifting/yoga/crap books. Two and a half shelves where basically stretching, yoga,  and pilates. Then there were the “women’s” workout  books. Cardio books. Other crap books and fad fitness plans. Then there was a small  half a shelf with books that could actually be of use. And they DID NOT have my bible!!! (which would be New Rules of Lifting). But they’d order it for me. Tried to tell the lady then people couldn’t compare NROL to NROL for women. She said back “but it says lift like a man, look like a goddess” in regards to NROL for women. Uhm, yeah, but that doesnt mean I should have to buy the one for women… Which I did look at the routines in today but prefer the regular NROL. NROL for women does have some nice features though, like the bodyweight matrix (I know what that means now- I just called it something different… bodyweight routine instead). I like the flexibility of the basic NROL book’s workouts and ability to mix and match more easily. I like in NROL for women the chin up “challenge”, I’m calling it a challenge, I forget what the book calls it.

THEN, I wanted a book on kettlebells. They had ONE book on kettlebells last time, this time they had only one again but it was at least a different one. I bought it though I’m certain there is a better book out there. I do like the form and technique descriptions in the book I purchased today and they will be of very valuable use to me so I don’t regret my purchase but would have like MORE OPTIONS!!! Especially since I was at the very large Barnes and Nobles. Seriously, a small shelving of fitness books but yet an entire row of random fad diet crap??? Seriously… take down the crap fad diets and add in some more fitness books (like my bible).

So this is the one I got…enter-the-kettlebell1


I plan to start kettlebell’s in January for probably 2-3 months, then back to lifting for 6-12 weeks, then bodyweight routines for 6-12 weeks, then kettlebells for 6-12 weeks… My first kettlebell “stint” will be longer since I need to learn proper form and use so as not to break the bones in my forearm by wacking the kettlebell into it…

Lastly, 21 day goal of no french fries completed yesterday.
New 21 day goal- DRINK MORE WATER!!! Which leads into my next 21 day goal of no more soda. So today, I will drink 1 tall glass of water. Tomorrow it’ll be two. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday three. Next Monday four a day till wednesday. Then up to five tall glasses and I think I’ll just aim for five as my end goal but that’s subject to change depending on how it seems at the time. Maybe five is enough, maybe it’s not. Wont know till I actually start to drink water now will I?

Almost forgot, I’ve been horrible at updating my Fitday. Just beleive I’m eating, k?

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  1. November 19, 2008 8:26 PM

    Congrats on your 21 day goal. Fill up on water, so you don’t have room for soda. Maybe you can do both goals at once….

    I get a lot of my water from a little ice tea or fruit juice mixed with lots of water. After a while, you get used to the more… “subtle” taste. Before ya know it, drinking a soda will feel like guzzling syrup. Not a thirst-quencher…

  2. November 19, 2008 8:30 PM

    That’s my hope with this goal, that the increased water will decrease my soda intake so that when I go for my next 21 days to cut out soda, I’m already halfway ahead of the game ;). I cut out regular soda some time ago. Went from mt dew to pepsi to diet pepsi. Slowly making some progress.

    I’ve been a soda drinker for nearly 14 years, so nearly half my life… It’s time to make a change.

  3. Chris Brown permalink
    November 20, 2008 10:01 AM

    Those bookstores are always amusing like that…its as if they don’t want to put the quality info out there for the mainstream consumer.

    Congrats on achieving your goal! Also, DRINK YOUR WATER!!!! 😛

  4. November 20, 2008 2:50 PM

    If it were a small bookstore, I’d be more understanding, but this is the largest bookstore in our area, most popular in our state! Seriously, they’re putting themselves to shame. Guess I should do my book shopping by way of 😦

  5. Alyce permalink
    November 21, 2008 10:50 AM

    I’d really like to check out the original NROL after I finish the NROLFW routine (just because I’ve already started and I figure it’d be silly to try anything else until I’m done, but I’m sure I’ll be looking for a new challenge after!). I agree that it seems silly to have a separate book when the whole concept is that women should do the same things as men, but it was still a good read and reaffirmed a lot of things for me (I’m surrounded by girls who ‘don’t want to bulk up’ and eat like 1,000 calories a day, so I need to be told I can do otherwise as often as possible!)

  6. November 21, 2008 5:47 PM

    I want to read the whole NROLFW book but I dont want to buy it. One of these days I’ll make my kid get it from the library for me. She has a card and I’m just too lazy to go there.

    When I skimmed it, there were a ton of funny parts as well. I find it a more entertaining book vs NROL. Both are very informative, but NROLFW adds in more humor.

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