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Death by workout

November 18, 2008

protein shake disaster… did NOT mix well. Very chunky today. Probably because my arms are now non-functional. I was barely able to stir.

Lazyness almost won out tonight. Almost. But I got off my ass and got it done.

My impending death… My workout was another killer routine. First, my butt muscles are in agony from yesterday’s routine. My shoulders still in agony from yesterday. And now, today’s workout finished me off. If I had any strength,rather than strangling the man who thought up these routines (Alwyn Cosgrove), instead I’d dig my own grave. Yes, I am nearer to death than I was yesterday.

So superset one (of four exercises nonstop) starts with the deadlift, moving directly to the explosive push up, bulgarian split squat, and two point dumbell row. Midrange weights, midrange reps. Near death is an understatement here. I did the push up on knees and did the first two sets explosively, second two I just tried to get through without passing out. I am ashamed of myself… I had to decrease my weight from one set to the next on the bulgarian split squat.

Superset two starts with more deadlifts- this time off the box, DB bench press, walking lunge with side bend, cable seated row. low-range weights, high reps (20!). I barely managed to finish the deadlift off the box even though I decreased the weight by 20 lbs from the prior set. I would be embarrased to tell you what weight I used on the bench press. Pitifull really, but I focused on the beggining 0-2 inches of range of motion because I can’t get that low with my bar because of the safety catches. So in a sense, I’m working the muscles deeper than usual so the low weight shouldn’t be an embarrasment. But it is anyway.

I did do the last set, the hanging leg raise, with the captains chair.

New fixation- back muscles. I don’t know what mine look like. I’m afraid to look. But I’ve found some nice pics online at some random fitness site. There is this one chick in particular who can do the splits with only one hand on the ground. So, bascially she’s upside down standing on one hand, other hand along her side toward her legs and doing splits. Just awesome the strength and balance needed to do that… well, anyway she has another pic of some really awesome back muscles. Not bulky at all (even less so than the pic of the girl in my other post). Looks very sleek.

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  1. robfitness permalink
    November 19, 2008 1:18 PM

    Don’t die now… I’d miss reading about your workouts. 🙂
    You do have a so much energy, like me. I just wish I could do 1/2 of what you do. It amazes me about all that you do. No wonder you take death over life… I am sure the pain, discomfort will go away.
    Your attitude is so funnty to me at time and when I read your blo it inspires me kto do better and that at time , I myself am a wuss and probably don’t workout to my full potential. My tolerance for pain is LOW!
    Keep it up though. Your doing GREAT!

  2. November 19, 2008 6:24 PM

    Thanks Rob :). I’ve managed to eek out another day of life though tomorrow is another lift day. If you here anything in the news about some crazed woman in her basement gym needing medical attention, you’ll know it was me ;).

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