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“Discovering Lifting”

November 12, 2008

I don’t really know anyone in my non-online life that lifts for fun. Most people have some purpose to it. For me, it’s my number one hobby and it’s a big priority.

Although I love doing it, there’s a reason I started to lift. I had a bit of extra padding. 140 lbs at 5’6″ is not overweight, but it wasn’t me. I still can’t tell you what my BF% at that time was because it’s in a document in my dead computer- which is waiting for hubby to recover some info off of. I’ll make a guess of 36% bodyfat (which I think is lower than actual, but maybe not).

So though my “weight” was healthy, my bodyfat percentage certainly was not. And I could feel it. I haven’t been able to wear many button up shirts since the seventh grade, but as I gained weight, it was becoming rediculous. So I ran on a treadmill nearly daily for an entire summer. Then I’d hop on the elliptical. And occasionally I’d go “do the machines”. After doing this daily, I gained a pound. That put my weight at 137. Then I started college full time. I gained three more and got to 140. Before even part time college my weight was consistently around 118-122. That is where I’d like to be again. That is where I feel comfortable and well adjusted :). I made it back down to 122 by lifting. And gained a ton back when we bought our house, I changed jobs, started working three jobs, and of course still have family and am back in college again. Needless to say, I am very busy (and down to two jobs 🙂 ).

I “discovered” lifting by way of Steve on a weight loss forum. He told me what to get and set me up with my very first program. I used his program for the entire summer… and lost 10 lbs. Then NROL and lost 8 more. Way better than the one pound I gained by doing straight cardio. Along with his program I did some running and bike riding. It was summer! Can’t spend it all inside. Overall, my main focus was his program of two alternating workouts. I had never been happier loosing weight and I learned a ton from Steve. I learned that loosing weight is not necessarily good- muscle is weight, too. I learned the best way to lose weight is to maintain muscle and burn fat. And with just starting out, I gained muscle as I burned off fat which is not something a typical seasoned lifter does- newb’s are able to gain muscle while loosing fat for some crazy reason. Probably because when first starting, we are probably below our baseline. As I’ve gone onward, I’m at my baseline already and so far have had fairly consistent lean body mass since this time starting. That’s my guess. Someone else might actually know the biophysical reasons for it. Body fat percent is lower, but then so is my weight. Not by much, but it is lower…

I owe a ton of what I learned about lifting to Steve. And will be forever grateful that he showed me the path. Then while I was in this new phase of my life, New Rules of Lifting was being put out on shelves. Now my programs all come from that book. I’ve looked at stores for other books, looked at NROL for Women today. Definitley like that one, too. Tons of funny parts to it and I just gave it a cursory glance through it. I didn’t check out the workouts. I also looked through Body for Life today and that one looks pretty good, too. I am just particularly fond of the workout programs in NROL. I looked at a kettlebell book today, too, and didn’t much care for it. I’ll have to find which one Squigg recommends :). Another book was about clean eating that recommends women keep the weights low so we dont get bulky- why do they let those books stay on the shelves?

I started lifting for weight loss. I’m lifting again in part for weight loss but mostly because I love doing it. Though loosing those few extra will be nice, more importantly is some muscles to show off. And if you don’t like what you’re doing, how can you stick to it?

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  1. overweight obesity permalink
    November 14, 2008 1:03 PM

    Nice site. I am really looking to lose weight. I just cant seem to get started.
    What do you suggest as the best diet program out there?

  2. November 14, 2008 8:51 PM

    American Heritage Dictionary-

    di·et 1 (dt) KEY
    The usual food and drink of a person or animal.

    Number one definition above. I don’t beleive in deiting exactly… don’t pay attention to that I’m on weight wachers right now. It’s so I am foced to make better diet choices like fruit instead of french fries.

    Basically all I recommend is don’t starve yourself trying to get skinny and to maintain muscle mass while loosing fat.

    And see your doctor to see what s/he recommends. Good luck loosing the weight!

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