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Kettlebells and Weight Watchers

November 7, 2008

I blame two of the links on the left there for today’s purchase. I bought kettlebells. Squigg and Ron both posted about them yesterday. Go check out their blogs :). I tried them out in the store. I went to Play it Again and I don’t think I’ll be going back there. The guys working really were not knowledgable about fitness or really anything. One guy said he used to play baseball (I think he must have meant little league). None of the guys working were trainers. I like 2nd Wind better because they know what they’re talking about and what they’re selling. And if you have a question, they can usually answer it.

Back to the kettlebells. I bought a 18 and 26 lb to start. The 18 is easy for some of the things I tried and difficult for others. The 26 is perfect for those crazy fun looking lunges in Squiggs Blog. I think I’ll grow out of the 18 quickly but I didn’t want to get the 26 and then not be able to use it properly. I think the 18 will be great for starting out, learning the basics, and then passing it on to my sister. Maybe she’ll like them and stop looking at me like I’m nuts when I talk about lifting’n’stuff.

I’ll probably pick up a video or book to explain what I need to do (like books better and can always watch on U-Tube for the right way to do them). I’ll check back at Squiggs blog because I know she’s talked about a couple different books or videos for kettlebelling.

Onto my complaints…

Day three on Weight Watchers today. Still not too happy about it. I think for next week I’ll split up those extra 35 points for each day. Today was allotted 21 points and had exactly 21. Not much in the way of calories there :(. I did stop at the store today. Broccoli is a 0 point food for 1 cup so I’ll be eating a ton of steamed broccoli for the next week. Good thing I like broccoli a lot. So steamed broccoli and chicken are my new two favorite foods. Oh wait, they were already my favorite foods. I just hate to cook! Spinach is also 0 points so I like that raw with some chicken and a bit of parmesan so that’ll be the other half of the chicken breast. I got the large ones which are estimated at 65 grams of protien each so if I have one a day, half in one meal, half in the other, then I should be getting at least thirty per meal.

Even though I’m complaining, the weight watchers is really making me focus more on where I’m getting my protein from. Even sticky buns have protein (4 grams) but they have a ton more grams of fat in them and really aren’t food to eat regularly. I could easily eat 5 or 6 of them to get enough protein for the day.

Macros: Carbs/protein/fat= 65/20/15 in percentages. Could have been worse. Hopefully tomorrow will be more of the 40/30/30 or at least get in more protein. Today was not great.

Random thoughts: I think a big part of my poor food choices is directly linked to my hatred of cooking.

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  1. monicasrecipes permalink
    November 9, 2008 5:50 PM

    My husband has his baseball players work with kettlebells. He says they help pitchers. I’m no expert.

    He’s also big on working out with chains though I’m not going to use them. He says that as you lift chains off the ground, each link off the ground adds to resistance and helps make you powerful and quick. Good for baseball I suppose. I just wanna be healthy!

    My free WW recipe site –

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