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Strawberry Protien Powder and Cherry 7up

November 5, 2008

So, today I ran out of raspberry passion. My protien powder tastes awesome (or as awesome as it possibly could) with the raspberry pasion. It is really good. I could do smoothies, but the passion covers it. It’s great.

But today, there wasn’t any :(. So I felt lost… But we have some flat cherry 7up in the house. I figured, it can’t be worse than mixing it with water so I gave it a shot. Well, strawberry protien powder and cherry 7 up taste like cough syrup. So, it’s not AS bad as protien powder mixed with water, but it sure wasn’t my powder and passion mix. (If you use strawberry protien powder you MUST!!! try it with Light Raspberry Passion from minute maid, promise it’s good).

My workout was great. Superset one is the front squat that I ditched. We’re not dating anymore. I ran back into the comfortable arms of my rear squat. Next superset is the SHELC’s. I did the first set single leg and was able to do 7 on my right and 6 on my left (did right first). The next two sets I did both legs together. I’ll continue to try my first set single leg until I get a full set done then I’ll move onto the next single leg as well. I had some elbow issues with the push press for the second half of that superset. Third superset is dynamic lunges and upper body russian twist.

Hubby and I walked a bit over a mile and a half.

After yesterday feeling absolutely horrible, today I have a cough, sore throat, and minor stuffiness. Yet I feel better than yesterday.

Also, today is the first day on Weight Watchers as a group for work. I’m allowed 21 points as my base per day and today I earned another 3 with my workout. I am not hungry but my calories are VERY low today. Scary low. 1157 calories. Yet I hit my protien goal of 80-100 for a lifting day. I am not worried YET, because I do have those 35 flex points. Mostly today, I focused on good foods (and a 7 point sweet roll). Even if I’m low on cals for a week (two at the most) maybe it will help me break my junk food cycles and I can eat normal food and like it.

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  1. Alyce permalink
    November 5, 2008 10:44 PM

    Mm, that protein powder mix sounds good. I haven’t had strawberry before but that just might need to be my next purchase!

    That’s whack that Weight Watchers brings your calories so low, I guess I wouldn’t have expected that since it’s a pretty well-respected program. But way to get your protein in anyway!

  2. November 6, 2008 10:03 PM

    It IS good. I use GNC strawberry protein powder. I’m really not so sure about the weight watchers but I’ll stick to it for two weeks before I toss in the towel.

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