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Cat joins the workout

November 2, 2008

As usual, my cat watches my workout. Today, I am certain she was attempting to immitate me while I did the lower body russian twists. She certainly looked like she was trying to do them with me. She had her little legs in the air and was flopping them from one side to the other. It really was soooo cute. If we had a video camera I would have forced someone to tape it so we could put it on U-tube. It was hilarious!

Once again got my heart rate to near 190. It was 19 beats in 6 seconds. I tried my watch a few times again today, but it sucks. Repeating- DO NOT buy a MIOZone. They suck. They are horrible.

The highest heart rate manually above was with the bulgarian split squats. With the 6 second reading, my lowest after a set was 17 and highest was the 19. Those split squats are really killers. As much as I hate them, I think I really will miss them in my next routine. If you’ve never done them, try them. They will kick your ass. And your quads. And your hams… and… yeah.

This routine has a week and a half left which will complete a full 6 weeks of training. Then I take a week off and resume but my next group of routines I believe is 8 weeks instead of the 6. I like some aspects of this routine but it seems to focus more on upper body. With the split squats I’m doing the overhead press so I’m not doing the amount of weight I could do to work my legs more (though they’re working). And same with the romanian deadlift with bent over row. I could certainly do over double what I’m doing with the row. In other ways it’s good because my arms are not nearly up to the standards that my legs are.

Got my cardio in today as well. I am feeling 90% better. We also went for a family walk for a mile and my daughter didn’t complain at all. Life is good :).

With that extra hour today from daylight savings, I took a nap on the couch with my cat (we have two, but this one is mine). She’s sitting on my legs right now, too. She’s a skinny little thing with poor balance. Our other cat is a half bluepoint siamese and half barn cat and she’s getting chunky. She’s on a diet right now. With the extra hour I had planned to go to the store and get ink for my printer. But I took a nap. During the Packer game. While it was on right in front of me. If my co-workers knew, they might kick me out of Green Bay. We moved here from Omro about 6 months ago and I’ve never been a football fan. Now we live about 10 min from the stadium and apparently that means we must become die hard football fans. I tried. The game put me to sleep. They lost in overtime.

Sleepover yesterday went well. Kids all had fun and my house was not to horrible to clean. They stayed up till about two this morning and slept till nine. I woke up an hour after them. They were pretty quiet, which was nice. But it was one hell of a long day yesterday.

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