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October 31, 2008

I went to pick up some weight lifting straps today and the clerk started talking about weight lifting and then bodybuilding and copmetitions. He does them. I have never been in good enough shape to. I’m certainly not overweight, but I’m not even under 20% bodyfat at this point. I was 22% at my lowest about 6 months ago from over 32 or more. Can’t remember exactly and I can’t look it up because it’s on my puter that died. It may have even been as high as 38%. Not sure. It was 30 something. But I owe my weight loss (with muscle gains at that point) all to lifting. It’s good that it’s something I like as well as something that gets me healthier.

But anyway, I got to thinking about competitions and giving myself my own competition with… myself. So here it is. I’m going to get back to that 22% and possibly even lower getting myself “mirror ready” or “picture ready” vs the pics from back then (also on dead puter but hopefully will be resurrected soon by hubby). I will likely not post them because I’m a wuss, but this is for me anyway :).

Another thing about competitions, the girls at work are having a weight watchers competition. They’re going to do either a 5 or 10 dollar entry fee and then for every point you go over it’ll be 50 cents or a dollar (guessing they’ll go with the fifty cents there). All will be thrown into the pot and the person with the most weight loss wins. Since I am one of the more fit people there, it’s not likely that I’d lose more than 10 lbs at the very most. Most likely I would lose less than that. But it would give me some accountablility to not eat mcdonalds four (or five) times a week. So I’m thinking of joining and my “win” will to be not having to pay for extra points. But I know nothing about weight watchers and if my protien or calories were all that restricted I’d go nuts. I don’t think I could be happy on less than 1800 for more than a week and 2000 is better. So, this weekend I’m going to do some weight watchers research and see if it would help me to eat healthier. If it will, I’ll join the competition and at least eat better and hopefully change some of my bad eating habits. If it’s a crazy idea, then I’ll just not do it and try to avoid french fries.

Today’s workout, still sick. My ears are stuff and that drives me nuts. I don’t feel as sick, mostly just feel exhausted! Completely and utterly exhausted. My heart rate got as high as 186 during the bulgarian split squats with overhead press. (in second superset). Manually taken of course since my MioZone watch is a complete peice of CRAP! Please, whatever you do, DO NOT BUY this watch. It sucks. I tried repeatedly again to get it to work and it did maybe three of the dozen or more attempts.

Before workout and before dinner, we all went for a mile walk. (Hubby, daughter, and myself).

My first superset included T push ups and my third superset included lower body russian twists. These two exercises are fine but they added on at least an extra ten to fifteen minutes to my routine. See, it’s my cat. My cat thinks that if I’m on the floor, I want to play with her. So… Every time I was on the floor to do my push ups, she’d start trying to crawl under me when I lifted up and rub my arm as I tried to balance on it. Then with the russian twists I think she thought it would be really helpfull if she attacked my hand relentlessly with her undeclawed paws. Yes, it was painful at times. She only attacks my hand when I have my gloves on. I love my cat and she is so cute when she tries to “help” but of course I did end up petting her. Yep, I encouraged her bad behavior :(. Naughty me. At least as soon as I lift my bar or dumbells she runs back to the stairs. She tried coming to play with me then, too, but when I started I’d just smack the dumbells together or tap my bar on the rack a couple times to get her scared enough to run up. I’d feel horrible if I ever dropped a weight on her so I trained her properly there. But when I’m on the floor…

I do call her my spotter. She sits right at the top of the stairs where the railing starts and watches my entire routine from there until of course, I lay down, then she “helps”.

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