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Grip strength

October 30, 2008

My biggest issue with the deadlifts is my grip strength. I have noticed my grip strength is increasing quickly but not as quickly as my legs would like. However, this is a good time for me to build up my grip strength because the Romanian deadlift is with a row. I can’t row as much as I can deadlift so it gives my grip time to “catch up”. Using weights with smaller handles are easier to grip so I’ve thought about adding bulkiness to my lower weighted dumbells to challenge my grip more so that when I do the higher weight exercises with the smaller grip, I’ll have an easiser time. I’m looking into these thingeys you place around your weight and can easily take off. I have no idea what they’re called so I figure I’ll just start stalking 2nd Wind, Dicks, Play It Again, and any other place I happen to drive by that might have them.

I also have those things with the handles that you squeeze in my car. I’m not sure if they help, but they don’t hurt.

According to Dave Robinson on using those rubber balls also help with the gripping strength that is used to hold heavy weights. I had one of those in my car, too, but lost it. And then I stopped lifting for a bit.

Still sick today so skipped the cardio. Walked a mile and a quarter with my husband. Today is a recovery day but tomorrow is a lift day. My schedule this week is lift Mon and Tue, off Wed, life Thur and Fri, off Sat, and lift Sun. My daughter has a sleepover on Saturday and I also have to work three hours that day so not working out is probably a good idea. If I have time I’ll go for a walk again on Saturday.

I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll be able to do my full routine, lifting and the cardio following the afterburn principles.

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  1. March 16, 2012 7:29 AM

    grip strength is super important when building into higher weight….you can add sports tape gradually over time to the bar to slowly increase the grip. you can also get fat gripz at….hope this helps a lil.

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