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Still going strong

October 29, 2008

Those power towers… I took pictures of mine on my phone for a girl at work. For some reason a power tower seems like something exciting to most people. I know I love mine. Power towers are great for arms and core strengthening. Pull ups, chin ups, dips, push ups, captains chair for all varieties of bringing the legs up and targeting different core muscles… Power towers are awesome and everyone should have either a power tower or at least a pull up bar. Power towers are going to cost anywhere from 90 up. Mine is pretty decked out with “accessories” as many don’t have the captians chair, push up grips, or the thing that holds your feet down when doing sit ups. I havent used the sit up thing, but maybe someone else would. For price, mine is over and above expectations (from Dicks Sporting Goods). My sister had one, recently sold it because she’s moving into an apartment and doesn’t want to put it in her bedroom like I did. My mom has one, too. Though hers is a clothes rack now. I use mine during nearly every routine either for arms or abs. I should be doing it for chin ups now, but I’m being lazy and doing underhand lat pulldowns instead. A chin up bar will cost around 10 bucks at walmart. I have one of those, too. Or you can make one with a peice of pipe and some chain and attach it to the beams in the basement- though any injury resulting from it falling is not my fault, you take full responsibility for risking that ;).

Not everyone can do a pull up and doing an inverted row is a good starting point if you don’t have a lat pull down machine available. And for those, all you need is a bar or something to pull up from underneath it while you lay on your back either on the floor or on your bench. Also, make sure what you’re pulling up on wont fall on you if you pull on it. Again, your assume all risk.

Workout A today.

I managed to do the front squat without injuring myself. I did the crossed arm hold. It wasn’t comfortable and I tried getting my hands to do what they’re supposed to but my right one just cant. I will buy some straps before doing the front squat again so I can hold the bar the way it’s supposed to be held and work toward getting a closer grip toward the bar with the straps. Wide grip seated row, no trouble.

Superset two was SHELC’s and I found them to be easy today. I think my next workout I will still use both legs, but by the time after that, I’ll likely be doing single leg and then switching to do the other side. I have no idea how to add weight to a SHELC so single leg will have to do. I added 5 lbs to my push press with the bar and had some twinges in my right elbow (from that same nerve that bothers my wrist-radial nerve). The weight wasn’t too much, I think it was just from attempting the front squat the proper way earlier.

Superset three with the dynamic squats went well, but 12 reps really means 6 on each side so that makes it easier. Added weight there, too. With this was the upper body russian twist and I added ten lbs there. I’ll add five more next time.

Still sick so I did take it easy and could have upped a bit more than I did. I also skipped my cardio and went for a mile walk again with my husband. Tomorrow is an off day for lifting so depending on how I feel, I’ll do cardio tomorrow. I also should be done with work by 5:30 tomorrow so working a ten hour day (vs 12) will help to squeeze things into my day.

I opened a fitday account so if you really want to know what I eat, click the link on the left :).

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  1. October 29, 2008 3:22 AM

    wow I am totally working out at the wrong place… thank you for your comment it totally made MY day 🙂

  2. judie611 permalink
    October 30, 2008 11:17 AM

    You are incredible!!! I am amazed at your routine. You go girl!

  3. October 30, 2008 9:44 PM

    Adi, whenever you need a change in scenery ;).

    Thanks Judie! I’m trying to work in yoga yet for flexibility, too. Unfortunately I havent felt great this week. I try to stay busy anyway!

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