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Workout when sick?

October 27, 2008

I think not. So, my workout didn’t happen.

Instead I barely moved from my couch. I am sick. If there is one thing in life I hate the most, it is having a fever followed closely by the common cold with sinus blockages. My couch time was not wasted. 10 hours of studying and doing homework today. Took two tests, 92% on one, 100% on the other (mixed class, online and in classroom), tests online.

I ate well despite being sick. Focused on getting in extra protein. Six peices turkey bacon for breakfast, grilled chic sandwich for lunch/dinner, and protien shake just in case. Since starting work in the heath care feild I’ve heard over and over that protien is the number one thing to focus on when recovering from illnesses or surgeries. So, I got my protien.

I also had tons of hard candy though I think packets of sugar would be better. Sugar makes my throat feel better. Unfortunately I had all my sugar packets the other day when my throat started feeling sore. Then yesterday I felt nearly great. Then today… I think if I would have worked today I wouldn’t have had time to get sick.

I do work out when I am sick and will likely work out tomorrow if I feel even a quarter of the way better but I will lift only and skip any cardio. I’ll probably drop down the weight a bit so as not to over do it and make myself stay sick longer. If my temp is over 100 then I wont lift tomorrow either. If possible next week, I’ll do five workouts instead, but I’m not sure if I can swing that with the plans for the upcoming weekend being a sleepover with 5-6 kids here.

I think in some instances doing a workout when sick can make you feel better and others it can contribute to being sick longer. My opinion is that if there is a high fever, back off and sit on the couch. If there is no fever, go for it but back down a ways. I think the stress on the body of lifting weights and rebuilding muscle tissue would take away from recovery from being sick for today but I think that if I’m doing any better tomorrow, a workout can be risked. Either that or I’ll go for a long long walk. Walking never made anyone feel worse, right?

If I asked myself, what did I do today to work toward my goals? I would be able to answer that I got my tests done. Though one of my goals is a lower body fat percent, another of my five goals is to graduate college on time. Being sick doesn’t mean I get to completely slack off.

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