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Workout B

October 27, 2008

This is the one I should have done today, but will hopefully do tomorrow assuming I feel better.

It is from New Rules of Lifting. Fat Loss 2, part B

Superset 1: Snatch grip deadlift and T- push up

Superset 2: Bulgarian split squat with overhead press and underhanded lat pulldown (or chin up, but who am I kidding…). The split squat is with one leg on the floor and one leg behind you (I put the top of my other foot on my bench, so it’s sort of a lunge position but with the bottom of the back foot facing the ceiling and the top of the back foot resting on the bench).

Superset 3: Romanian deadlift with bent over row and Lower-Body Russian twist. The Lower body russian twist is where you lay flat on your back with your arms out to the sides. Then you bring your legs up toward the ceiling to 90 degrees. With your legs perpendicular to your body, you bring them to your right toward the floor still at 90 degrees, but no longer 90 degrees from the floor. Then to the left. For better descriptions, buy New Rules of Lifting. It’s my bible.

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