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October 26, 2008

Everyone has goals. Some people have goals to get rich, get fit, get closer to god, learn something new…

But goals are nothing if we don’t work for them. No one is going to get rich by doing nothing. Bill Gates might be able to now, but he had to do something extraordinary to be able to earn the right to sit on his duff now. He didn’t get rich by dropping out of college and drinking beer. No, he dropped out of college and had a great idea and a drive to see that idea become reality.

Goals really don’t mean anything, they are nothing, if we don’t get off our asses and go for them.

Every day I ask myself, what did I do today to work toward my goal. Every day, multiple times a day I ask myself “Is what I am doing right now helping me work toward my goal?”. There are some things I do that others working toward the same goal might not do, like eat two peices of cake for lunch. It is my time frame that is probably much different from theirs. Mine is long term. I don’t want to be 18% body fat next week. Not even next month. It is a slow process for me and changing my eating patterns is secondary to establishing a good routine.

Do you know what your goals are?

What did you do today to get you closer to reaching your goal?

What’s stopping you from doing something today?

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