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Food. Yum. Cake.

October 26, 2008

Breakfast: nada
Lunch: Two peices of low fat cake. Scalloped potatoes.
Supper: Spagetti, double portion- I was hungry! Two small peices of garlic bread.
Snacks: Lemon heads, Smarties, absolutely no sugar packets today. Coffee cup filled with chips.

Todays planned workout was postponed. I was driving home from work and saw a sign for a family event at Heritage Hill. I work a different place on weekends so I didn’t see it before. So anyway, I decided we’d go. Tonight was my fourth scheduled workout for the week and I run my week Monday to Sunday so I’ll do it tomorrow. Though my workouts are my priority, doing it tomorrow is just as easy and the event was this Friday and Saturday only. Since it’s already Saturday there was no option to do it tomorrow or a different time. We had a great time. Supper when we got home and I did a bit of reading before stopping in here.

Tomorrow will be my first time doing part B of my workout.

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