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New Routine

October 25, 2008

Well, I’m exhausted today. Did my new routine this evening and it went… not horrible. My wrist doesn’t still hurt. My routine is the Fat Loss 2 program from New Rules of Lifting.

Superset 1: Front Squat and Wide grip cable seated row. The front squat, as described in the book, was impossible. Even with the weight on my shoulders and my “fingertips” being used as a placeholder it was still to much pressure on my right wrist and quite painful. So, I tried doing the arms crossed in front, which was better than being in excrutiating agony, but really not all that great. I’m going to try the crossed arm technique again next time and if it does not go better, I will get some lifting straps and try that. To do that, you place the lifting straps on the bar, get into position under the bar with the bar resting on the anterior delts, then hold the straps instead of the bar- though you don’t really hold the bar anyway in a front squat, you just prevent it from falling off your shoulders. The wide grip cable seated row went well.

Super set 2: SHELC’s and barbell push press. I used to be able to do excessive amounts of SHELC’s with no trouble. Today three sets of 12 was not easy. Six months ago, I could do them with one leg with my arms out to the side for balance. Not anymore… though I don’t think it will take me long to get back to where I was with them.  I was able to do more weight with the barbell push press than with the dumbell push press in my last routine so that made me happy.

Superset 3: Dynamic Lunge and Upper body russian twist. Prior to today I’d only done static lunges and I’ve never done the russian twist before either. I just used the bar today (45 lbs) and no weight with the russian twist. I will add weight next time, just wanted to make sure my balance would hold up with the dynamic lunge and wanted to figure out how to do the russian twist with proper form before adding weights.

For my cardio I did dancing with my daughter. We turned up the musica mexicana and had fun. I like to salsa dance but did some improv (my daugher is only 10 after all). It wasn’t as intense as boxing but we did it for about three times as long so I think overall caloric deficit is at least equal. Next time, while she’s not downstairs with me, I’ll be using my stepper for my intervals in combination with some calisthenics.

This routine is approximately 3 weeks in duration. I like to box so I’m sure for my next routine I will return to that.

Todays eats:
Breakfast: I’m giving up there.
Lunch: Extremely huge Turkey sandwich on wheat with ranch, alfalfa sprouts, and that stuff they call salad mix that looks like weeds to me.
Supper: Spagetti with soyballs. No bread for me today.
Snacks: 6 sugar packets, lemon heads, and two mini snickers.
And of course my protien shake.

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