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Body Weight Routines

October 24, 2008

Craig Ballantyne has some great body weight workouts with Turbulence Training. Do a search if your interested.
I love his bodyweight workout idea for when I travel. Love his idea, adapted it to me. I havent had to travel so I havent done any bodyweight circuts for about 4 wks.

I have my own circut that I do. I start with forward lunges, pushups, wide stance squats, tricep dips, backward lunges, body weight inverted rows (find something to pull up on from below like the luggage rack), single leg squats or split squat, bicycle crunches. I do all in sets of 20 and then repeat till I can’t possibly do another rep. Then I do squat thrusts with or without a pushup till I fall flat on my face. Maybe you have a better body weight routine, so post it :).

Possible adaptations would be doing a chin up rather than an inverted row and to do decline pushups rather than a regular push up. I don’t do these in any particular order except doing the squat thrust last.

And today’s eats:
Breakfast- yeah…
Lunch- Two soft shell chicken tacos (with ranch). Half regular, half diet coke.
Supper- Chicken and veggie stir fry with white rice. No sauce. One teaspoon olive oil to make the rice not so dry.
Snacks- Two handfuls chocolate chips.

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