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If I can do it…

October 22, 2008

Okay, I’m whining about my busy life again. Up at 5:30, work at 6:30 until I leave work at 10:30 to go to class from 11am until 2pm. Then go back to work from 2:20 until 6:45 tonight. Hubby made supper so that saved me some time. Supper at 7-7:30ish. I stalked a few blogs while digesting, then cleaned up the kitchen. Then to the basement, the tourture chamber if you will. About 45 for my lifting routine including my warm up. Another 30 for boxing AND stretching today. Now it’s 9:30. Posting and going to shower and then off to bed to get up all over again at 5:30 tomorrow to work another 12 hour day.

Thankfully my daughter is with her dad today or she would have wondered if her mom even exists…

As for the actual routine:
Warmed up to “This is why I’m hot” or something like that. At least the song didn’t totally suck.
Even after my warm up, my legs feel quite tight so I already decided I better stretch when I’m done, and I did.

My first superset I forgot to increase the resistance on my seated cable pulls and then once I started, I didn’t bother to fix it because I do feel pretty much like a weakling today. I probably could have managed with one increase as I wrote down last time, but oh well. For the other part of my superset, the squats, I did increase by 5 lbs. And that was plenty for today. My knees still feel weak. After each superset I attempted to get my heart rate monitor watch working and it didn’t. After two tries for each, I didn’t bother a third time. Super set two went well. I managed to do all my reps for my push press. That’s something I haven’t been able to do for my last three workouts when I increased my dumbells five lbs on each side. I could do it before, but with the extra weight… Superset three included lunges. I hate lunges. I really really hate lunges. But I increased those by 5 lbs, too. At least during my third set I was able to get my watch to work twice. 157 the first time about ten second delay. 139 second time after about 20 second delay.

So, overall, increase in 2/6 exercises and was able to improve rep completion to fully completed for 6/6 vs 5/6 last time.

Of course, boxing after all that. Did pretty good and worked up a good sweat. Worked out in my undies again today. I am really considering bringing down a robe… just in case. You never know if someone’s going to knock on the door or when I’ll need to call an ambulance…

What I REALLY want to be doing: Going clubbing. I SOOOO want to go clubbing. I absolutely love to dance and I miss it. I don’t drink when I dance because I’m not there to drink. I’ll drink my one or two winecoolers at home when we have a cookout or something, otherwise I’m not much of a drinker. But I love to dance. I have only one friend who used to like to dance as much as I do but now she’s a bit heavy and doesn’t want to go out with me anymore and when she does, she doesn’t want to get out there and dance either anymore :(. Anyone here in GB who just wants to go dance?

Todays eats:

Breakfast: does lemonade count?
Lunch: Was at class during a ten min break, brought my food back up and ate during lecture. Cafeteria food… Grilled cheese, gigantuous chocolate chip cookie (it’s better than fries, right?), and a regular coke. I was hoping they’d have quiche today, but nope.
Snack: apple dippers from McD’s (though the fries were tempting) and a half regular, half diet coke.
Supper, Chef salad no pork, add extra turkey. Ranch dressing, full calories, none of that light ranch for me.
Late Snack: Handfull of chocolate chips. Yum

And of course, post workout protein shake. I have one every workout day even if I forget to mention it. I see it as part of my workout routine and not part of my “eating routine”.

Tomorrow, I’m going to TRY to eat breakfast. I’m going to make a consious effort.

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