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A Day Off. And Flexibility

October 21, 2008

Not from work, I did a 12 hour shift today. But day off from lifting. I have homework to do tonight so I planned for no workouts on Mondays. This week’s schedule will be Tues, Wed, Fri, and Sat. I have two more workouts from the Fat Loss 1 program and on Friday I will start the Fat Loss 2 program. I took a preview of it last night, and I’m scared… really scared. Na, it’ll be great. I wont be able to stand afterward, but it’ll be all good. These workouts are all from New Rules of Lifting. Great book and also illustrates every exercise in their programs.

I have lost a ton of flexibility over the years. Particularly when I ran more frequently I would have the tightest hamstrings ever. I’ve noticed some gains in my posterior chain muscles with flexibility. So, I’m thinking one of my off days I could incorporate some yoga. I used to do it and loved it then. However, it’s following a video I hate so I think I’ll have to get some routines of my own set up that I can intermix and change frequently. I wasn’t a cheerleader but I could easily do the splits, even up against a wall (don’t ask) if need be. I could do them both out to the sides or forward backward. I also used to be able to shake my own hand behind my back one from above, one from below. Can’t do that anymore either.

If I find a website to make your own yoga routine, I’ll post a link. If you know of one, leave a link. Otherwise I might be stuck buying the stack of yoga cards…

I bought a new computer last night. I already have parmesan in my keyboard. Speaking of parmesan, I’m going to try to eat a bit “cleaner”. So, not so much really really bad for me stuff. I’m still going to eat processed foods but I’m thinking if I really care about me, I shouldn’t be eating french fries. So, for me, step one will be no fried foods. If I can make it 21 days (three weeks) I’ll move on to the next step. When I was pregnant with my daughter I stopped eating all fried foods and didn’t eat french fries till she was over 5 years old. For that matter, for her first five years, she did not eat a french fry except on rare occasions when my mom would take her to a small locally owned drive thru. If I put food on five different levels, fried foods would probably be on the bottom, with cakes, candy, and chips’n’stuff on the next level, then maybe highly processed foods that you can leave on your shelf for ten years and still safely eat like spam, level two might be things that are partly processed like chicken with “filler”, cheeses, breads, canned fruits and veggies.. and level one would be things that come right from the source like fresh fruits and veggies, fresh meats, and stuff. So I’m giving up my level five- the fried stuff.

Basically I should love me as much as I love my daughter. I gave up fries and soda when pregnant so if I could do it for her health, why wont I do it for mine?

 Food for today:
Breakfast- nonexistent
Lunch- Subway Oven Roasted Chix with Spinach, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Provalone, Ranch, and oregano. Two oatmeal rasin cookies. One half diet half regular coke.
Snack: Another half and half coke, no eats. It was my 15 min supper break at work.
Supper: Half a frozen Tony’s pizza. Yeah, half.

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