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Angry Workout

October 19, 2008

I’ve heard people say they have a better workout if they’re pissed off. Well, I don’t. My workout was crap. I was distracted and frustrated and felt like I didn’t do well (even though I upped my weight on three of my six exercises). I did do well, but I didn’t feel good doing it.

Random thoughts… I’m upset with my husband because he was in charge of planning tomorrow’s events and didn’t do it until last minute. Should this suprise me? Not completely. Why does it? Because I thought he had the basics down two days ago when I invited a friend. So it would have been nice that he hadn’t planned anything BEFORE I told her the general plan.

Moving on… my workout really was good, but like I said I didn’t feel good doing it. I upped my deadlifts by another 5 lbs for each and my grip strength did well until my last two reps of my very last set. I still got them done, but they were a little quick because I didn’t want to drop the bar. I upped the dumbells 5lbs (so total of ten lbs) for my incline press and for my bulgarian split squats. Technically then that would be four exercises with an increase in weights because there are regular and romanian deadlifts in this workout and I increased both. I probably could have increased the first by ten and the second by five, but safety first. During my workout and for the hour before my back did NOT hurt. Most people would probably tell me to take a break until my back doesn’t hurt, but I know, even if they dont, that I’d be waiting till the end of time for that to happen.

Boxing was a delayed response, waited about 15 min after my lifting to box. I had to take a break to call my friend. Boxing went well though now my back hurts but not as much as it did earlier today. During my 15 min break I could feel it there, the pain, but while I was boxing I didn’t feel it (probably endorphins or something). Now, it’s throbbing a bit. I’ll ice it when I go to bed and call it good.

I see all these people adding what they eat… so here goes.
Breakfast, brownies and lemonade.
Lunch, Classic Grill Chix sandwich from McD’s with no mayo, add ranch add swiss and medium coke.
Supper, Large McD’s french fries, large coke, brownie, and protien shake.

Healthy? I think not. I do eat fruits and veggies, just not today ;). And I do eat fast food more than I should and even if I’m not on a diet I should eventually just change my eating habits so I don’t die of a coronary embolism. Maybe next year…

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