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Another great workout. And my home gym set up.

October 16, 2008

So I actually warmed up to a decent song today! Finally! Womanizer, okay I think it’s great. Who’d have thought I’d ever like one of her songs again? I thought many of her’s really sucked this last year or five or six. I have no idea what the words are in the song and I’d be happy if there were no words at all. I just like the music aspect. But then I had a bunch of horrid songs during my weight lifting. Today was workout B which means a bajillion deadlifts (both regular and Romanian 3 sets x12 each = 72 total deadlifts). I managed to up by 5 lbs again!!!! AND hold on to the bar!!! AND do all sets and reps!!! Yay Me!!!

I added a front kick to my boxing routine and I’m having fun with it. I’m certain I have another bruise on my right foot from the roundhouse kick… that bag really can be quite hard when the stuff inside settles to points where contact is less. At least with the front kick I’m not going to hurt my feet much because that part of the bag isn’t so hard. Also, I didn’t cheat AT ALL on my routine today anywhere so I feel even better about my workout today. At the beginning of my bag routine, I felt like I was going to puke. Afterwards I felt like it was the greatest workout day ever.

Now, my home gym set up that I touched on in another post…

I needed something that didn’t take up much space that was cheap and I could use with and without a bench. I thought I’d have to find two seperate peices however Walmart has a wonderful bench and rack where the bench is not attached to the rack. So all I’d have to do is pull out the bench and there I go, I have my area for squats and lunges’n’stuff. It was less than 100 dollars total and the bench is pretty good quality. Holds up to 530 lbs I think so if you’re doing better than that, this bench wouldnt be for you. However, I don’t know many people who do better than 530… I guess I’m just not that hardcore. The rack adapts for either standard or olympic weight sets. I happened to find a great deal on an olympic bar and 300lb set for another 100 dollars. So, for a tad over 200, I had my whole set (spent a bit on gloves, too).

For someone just starting out who has no space, getting just a bench and adjustable weight set, like the power block, would save even more space and then you’d not need the rack for doing lunges and squats because you can just set your weights back on the floor or rack or where ever it is you’d keep them when you’re done with them. I have a power tower as well which includes a pull up/chin up station, captains chair, dip station, and other random things I dont use all on a fairly small one piece of equipment. The thing with this is that you’d need ceilings of about 8 ft. In my basement I have slightly less than 8 ft but it fits between the rafters (or whatever you call them) if I take out one of my ceiling tiles. So I did, to my husbands dismay. A secondary option to this would be a doorway pull up bar (which technically I could also put up in my basement, but I don’t want my hubby to kill me).

A bench, dumbells, and a pull up bar take up fairly little room and are easily moved out of the way when not in use. They’d be a good starting point. I started with the bar first rather then the dumbells but that’s just what worked for my budget. Dumbells would have cost more and I’m just not interested in the power cube or power block thingey.

Until recently I was just adapting the cable items on my list to something I could do with my bar or dumbells. Now I have another small station for all cable stuff that I brought up in an earlier post. It’s a unique peice of eqipment that uses body weight resistance but it is NOT the Total Gym. It is much more functional and you can do the exercises you really want to do with it, like lat pull downs, cable seated/standing rows, even ab curls. That’s just a small list, but it’s very versitile and functional. They do sell lat pull down attachments for some benches but they give only the lat pull down and are not adaptable to rows or anything other than lat pull downs. I’m sure if I wanted to spend bunches I could find something for in my basement that used weights for resistance and not bodyweight, but really when you attach weight to a cable, as long as it’s getting done what needs to get done, does it matter where the weight comes from? I think not :).

Lastly, for cardo I’m not a guineapig so I’m not a big fan of a treadmill or elliptical. I’m sure they’re great and if you like them, go ahead. Instead I opted for a heavy bag. Now this does require room and if I were still in my apartment I’d still be jogging which takes no equipment ;). Which I enjoy and do occasionally, but I love my bag :). Now if I could just stop bruising the top of my feet… The bonus with the bag is not just cardio but also strength. And there is some great joy in just beating the crap out of something :). I certainly wouldn’t try to punch a treadmill… damn cheap thing would break.

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