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Managed to Fit in my Workout

October 15, 2008

This is another if I can do it… you can do it kind of post.

Here’s my day. 6AM get up. 6:30 work (I live less than 5 min from my job) 10:30 leave work go to class. 2:00 leave class and go back to work. Work till 5:30. See all that there so far? The day is already 17.5 hours gone. And if I minus out going to bed at ten, that takes another two hours from my day. So, 19.5 gone, and I’ll I’ve done is work and sleep so far. So that leaves me another 4.5 hours. BUT I have to drive 45 min to go to my daughter’s school, sit for her parent teacher conference, and then drive the 45 min back. So, there’s another 2 hours gone. I’m down to 2.5 left. So the conference was at 7:30 pm, an inconvenient time if there ever was one. As soon as I got home from work I checked the mail and read my letter from my friend serving in the army in Iraq while eating backed cheddar flavored snack mix from quaker. Those are sooo yummy. After being home for an hour, I got my ass down in the basement for my workout. When I went into the basement I had 1h 15m before needing to leave. I managed to do my full weight lifting routine (about 45 min) and shower and manage to be presentable for my daughters teacher. Supper didn’t come till after I got home. To save time, my daughter and I discussed the conference en route back home. Bed for her now, bed for me in t -1h.

So there, if I can do it, you can do it. My workout is my priority for my week. Since I have four weight lifting sessions and only three boxing sessions, I just chose to do my boxing session on the other three weight lifting days.

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