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Who drives to the gym?

October 13, 2008

I had a pretty great workout today. My hands are, of course, shaking right now as I write this. I’m going to hop in the shower as soon as I’m done typing.

I have had three workouts with this program (routine A and B). Today was the third time with routine B. In these three short workouts I’ve alreay increased my lat pull downs from resistance of 5 to resistance of 8. The resistance is somehow a portion of body weight combined with the weight of the machine. It goes up to 16 and at some point the resistance is 150% body weight or something. The guy wasn’t sure because there was no manual because it was used equipment. I figure if I get to the top resistance and I’m doing great, I’ll just put plates on the platform to add weight.

Also, great thing about today is with my three sets of twelve on the romanian and regular deadlifts I did not loose my grip on my bar!!! So that means I can go up 5 more lbs, maybe even ten. The last set of twelve was a little shakey, but I didn’t have to stop early due to my horrible grip, so thankfully my grip IS getting better.

I worked out in my undies today. I soooo did NOT want to walk all the way down to my basement (imagine if I had to drive to a gym). So I didn’t change because if I had to undergo changing as well, I don’t think I’d have done it. But now, I’m glad I did because I had two huge (for me) improvements!

Lastly, who drives to the gym? Is this crazyness? I guess if a person doesnt have space for a home gym… but still. I lived in an 800 sq ft apartment and still had a home gym. My husband sliced open his toe on my weight bench because the little plastic thing that goes on the end fell off, but still, I managed. My set up was in our bedroom. We had a full size bed in there plus a power tower and my bench with squat rack. Olympic size at that. And my daughter took up about 100 sq ft for her bedroom so really, no excues for not having a home gym. PLUS it costs less overall than a membership. If you think of all those months and years you pay for, PLUS that lost time of driving back and forth… For me, I guess if I had to drive 15 plus minutes to get to the gym, over thirty minutes round trip, for a 45 min workout, I wouldn’t bother.

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