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Incline press

October 13, 2008

Someone did a search for headache with incline press.

Are you lifting weights that are too heavy?

Or it could be breathing. I recommend exhaling when you lift, inhale with the decline. I’m not opposed to holding breath for the first half of the push but I’m not for holding breath during entire push. If you have no spotter, use dumbells. Dont risk passing out and cracking your skull. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to stop at a doctor to make sure the blood flow in your artieries and veins to and from your head are pumping and draining appropriately. Having a stroke to lift weights isn’t productive to the end result of getting buff… The whole deal with holding breath has to do with the pressure in the thoracic cavity when holding breath and pushing weights. It increases, which can lead to a number of bad things. But holding breath for part or all of a lift can also help with maintaining posture and lifting heavier weights. I just think for me, since weightlifting doesn’t pay me anything, risking my health for a heavier lift isn’t worth it.

I think it would be worth looking into if the increased thoracic pressure leads to increased intercranial pressure. I would think it does since a stroke is a possible side effect.

Lastly, if you’re getting headaches from what you’re doing, I’d recommend seeing a doctor, preferably one who lifts weights himself or deals with athletes (even if you’re not in great shape because generally they’ll know more about what you’re talking about than someone who specializes in general heath).

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